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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Waiting for my Pengrowth dividends

Tomorrow, I will received 50.50$ in Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) dividend. I just hope the stock price remain low – if possible less than 7$ – so I can earn 7 brand new units at no cost.

After what, I will have 512 units or so. I enroll in a DRIP for all stocks or unit I have in my portfolio and expect to DRIP until I have enough to financially live from the income but I guess I will have to work for while to see such things happen. And than I could move someplace else than in Quebec! Problem being that there’s just no easy way. And its not easy for me to have to stay in Quebec. And with this recession going on, I just feel more miserable, like I am stuck here forever. Just as miserable as that. But one day I will have my revenge and I will be able to leave and never came back to this horrible province. And I will get back on the reason why I dislike Quebec province – maybe as much as I dislike TD Waterhouse – but even on a upper lever lol.

For now, I just continue the way I am doing right now and I hope to see positive results in my portfolio. At this time, its almost the only thing who make me happy and I can’t wait to see my portfolio to grow from a couple of more units of Pengrowth.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Out of work again

My morning job really begins to drive me crazy! I had been off on Monday morning. Yesterday I work the whole shift, 4.5 hours, but today… there’s no work for me! Let’s say it’s not tomorrow I will be able to purchase my next 100 bundle of stocks! I need more cash.

I was glade to have off on Monday morning as I took an appointment to get an hair cut that I was desperately in need. It’s good to have some free time, but at this time, I really need money as I want to purchase more stocks or units – whatever they are! And there’s also my brother who wants to visit me here in Montreal, that’s just fine with me, but I will feel mean if I don’t pay for a diner or something. My bank account is dry; all the money is invested in mutual funds, stocks and other. And my dividend earnings are automatically being reinvested to purchase more stocks. I enroll in a DRIP.

I complaint a lot here about my morning jobs, but it’s really releasing and I had my laundry to do anyway. And I am looking for ways to make some big cash online lol.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Facing dividends cut... again

This new dividend cut is making me laugh so much because I got that little piece of paper I made. On it, I carefully write my dividend earnings for the upcoming year. But, now, with the bad news coming from Pengrowth Energy, it’s look like I will have to throw away the precious little piece of paper.

It’s now the turn of my famous PGF.UN to announce dividend cut. But still, I am going to earn 50$ from this investment on the next distribution, which will be in March Just in February, with the DRIP I enroll in, I earn an extra 5 shares of PGF.UN. I would like to earn an extra 5 units in March also. But at the same time, I wouldn’t say no to a monthly 50$ in my pocket. It will pay for my Internet and extra coffees. As little money that I can make from those investment, I prefer just to DRIP from them at this time. Over time, I will accumulate more and more of those marvelous.

I am really looking into purchasing extra 500 units of PGF.UN. That way, I could earn 100$ per month - at this only condition - no more dividend lol

Everything is going fine for now at my jobs and at the full-time one, we begin to receive calls like crazy again like in the old days, which is good. Maybe some overtime will be available soon...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Up, up, up!

Wow! My mutual funds are doing so well at this time. And I didn't any money I have invest yet in my TD Waterhouse account. I was planning to maybe add an extra 2 000$, which made 6 00o$ in total. I have too much money in my banking account and that money is doing absolutely nothing. And I really think the iShares are a good place to start. I couldn't start with the real thing right away, even if I read Derek Book's. I am not completely feeling secure about stocks because I didn't do my own search.

And also about that DRIP thing he explains in his book, I am not feeling that sure about it. It's too difficult for me to invest monthly. Just like for my RRSP. I prefer to invest all in one time. I didn't register to any DRIP yet.

I had been quite busy at all kind of things. And since I work from 9 to midnight from Monday to Friday, there's not too much I can do during week days. But I like it because time pass really quickly and money just keep coming in my bank account. I work at really low salary job and for the studies I made, I deserved much more. But at this time, let say everything fit well together and I don't mind too much.

Next week is going to be better because I have Saturday and Sunday off and I will be able to do my search and maybe, purchase my first iShare units. Finally.

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