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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Merry Christmas, TSX investors!

The end of the year is coming in a hurry. I would like to have it slow down a little, but its the way it is. Ready or not, holidays are coming in! Yeah! I will be away for a few days for the fabulous New Brunswick. I am probably going to post something before the end of the year anyway. I have less and less time to post anything at all these days. And let say it, the stock market is not helping my cause. Its really rough to be investing in stocks these days, more than it ever been before. I am just really happy that I had been able to sell some assets a few weeks ago, just before it got even worst for the TSX. Its certainly not easy to see the spectacular TSX roading its way behind the 16 000 points, but as days are flying by, I am getting used to it. I was suprised at first, but now its just kind of business as usual... And its seem like we are on our way for even worst.

However, a lot of good can comes from such difficult stock market situation. Take me for example. Thanks to this crazy financial environment, I am paying down my margin! This time coming out of hell need to be seen as a way to improve ourselves. This is the time to be at our really best. Its time to focus exclusively on the really good stocks that I can rely on the long run. It's time to but some money aside for savings (and not investing). And of course, its time to buy some high-quality stocks when they are cheap. 

I already have everything plan for my financial year of 2019. As soon as 2019 kicks in, and that the TSX is open, I want to:

Sell my PPL shares to pay down my margin, and even TRP, to pay down my margin.
After what, I should only have left in the 20k left to pay. It may sound like nothing much, but its quite a little sum and I know for sure that its going to be difficult to only pay down that 20k.

The plan is to get pure of oil stocks, and get out of debt as quickly as possible. The TSX is going weaker and weaker and personally, I think that we may go even lower. Its why I decided a little way back to start paying down my margin. I want to be free to be with my stocks portfolio without having to deal with a margin account.

Today, my non-registered portfolio closed at 120k. In those conditions, I guess I should be happy with what I have. In those conditions, it will be easier for me to keep some money as saving without any purpose. Knowing I will have to pay down a 20k margin debt, I may be able to only save between 4k to 5k....

2019 isn't going to be an easy year. I may invest in some points because I know myself, I won't be able to make a long road out of this if I cannot play in some way with stocks.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

That margin account is getting seriously paid down

I wasn't available to write anything on Sunday for the usual Sunday evening post. Its just didn't happen. I got a haircut and I actually just realize now, but I got a Marilyn Monroe kind of cutty look! If you want to know what my hair looks like, check the 7th pic of Marilyn on this page. My hairs are curly that way when I don't put any product on them and with something, the curls are more defined. So I guess I need to be flatter that my stylist came with a Marilyn Monroe iconic style on my pretty me. Next time, I will try to have it even a bit shorter. It's actually hard to style very natural curly hair. Such hair needs a really good defined cut. And my hair grows quite quickly too. I need a haircut every two and a half months. I try to extend over it, but it's just not possible. Crazy hair.

Other than my pretty haircut, a lot had happened! I finally got to happen to sell some investments this past Friday. Inside my TFSA, I sold the following: Parkland Fuel Corp (PKI), National Bank of Canada (NA), Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM), Enbridge Inc. (ENB), The North West Company Inc. (NWC). The money got transferred from my TFSA to my margin account today. My margin account usage is now at $45 170.95. As soon as January 1th kick in, I plan to probably sell all of my Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL) stocks and probably also all of my TransCanada Corp (TRP) stocks, and I will try to invest in my TFSA account. Its been announced that for 2019, the contribution limit for the TFSA will be of $6 000. 

The amount I transferred from my TFSA portfolio to my margin will be eligible for a TFSA contribution in 2019. So I will have over 25k in contribution room for my TFSA in 2019. I already have spotted a few investments that I will like to transfer from my non-registered portfolio to my TFSA one:

Nutrien Ltd. (NTR)
ATCO Ltd. (ACO.Y) 
Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM)
Goodfood Market Corp. (FOOD)
TFI International Inc. (TFII)

Aecon Group Inc. (ARE)
Aphria Inc. (APH)
BCE Inc. (BCE)
Emera Inc. (EMA)
Jamieson Wellness Inc. (JWEL)

Following those contributions in kind, I will still room for another close to 5k, but that contribution in cash for my TFSA will be made only once I get the 19k margin left (which is e amount left once I will sell PPL). So all this is finally getting exciting. Who knew that paying my margin could be interesting, but it is when the TSX is all upside down AND trading under the 15 000 points. It's chaos. I still believe that paying down my margin is the right thing to do. It will be my project for 2019.

If you notice, Aphria Inc. (APH) appears in the list of investments I plan to use for a contribution in kind for my TFSA. APH businesses are real, no matter what satanic son has to say about it. APH has always been volatile, it takes a hit on the news, but I think we can expect to see APH back in $20 value one day. I have all the time in the word, and I am certainly not in a hurry.

I cannot even believe that I am finally getting that margin paid off. And I am so pretty with my new hair cut. I look like a cute little innocent angel.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

What is my cold cash?

I received an email today from a reader asking, totally intrigue, what I mean by "cold cash" in my investment portfolio:
New to my blog? Maybe you didn't know, but cash has it own favor, taste, and its cold or hot depending of the situation. And inside my portfolio, cash is absolutely COLD because I am hot. Cold cash is simply what I have as saving, and I don't have much as you can see. I basically live paycheck per paycheck and I invest all that I can straight on my TSX, and my stocks are my babies.

Its the end of the year 2018 and its quite busy at work. And I feel more and more tired as days go by. Its now starting to get dark at 4 pm if not earlier and it seem to be effecting my level of energy. And I just cannot be that way, especially now when I have so much to think about. I sleep so well in the morning like a little angel, but I have to get up and go to work... And I also have to figure out what do I sell before 2019 hit me in the face, among others. But one thing for sure, the TSX took a good hit today, going all the way down UNDER the 15 000 points - one more time. Like this is the new reality for investors, the environment is all mess up and the stock market is shaking because we had been braved enough to arrest a rich Chinese woman and send her straight to her hell and pay for her crimes in... the USA. In China, there's no social justice, but justice exist in Canada. And this is all of what China government need to understand.

In reaction, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at a $125 811.01 my TFSA portfolio at $74 259.84. My margin usage is at $66 177.58. I am looking forward to sell for $20 000 worth of stocks inside my TFSA to pay by margin. In 2019, I will sell my PPL shares. Following what, I will only have left $19 000 in margin debt. And I plan to pay it off within the year 2019. That's the plan. A $19 000 can be paid withing a year.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Aphria Inc. (APHA) is still the best pot stock on the TSX

I didn't place any order for my new investment inside my RRSP portfolio, I was too busy at work. But I did saw the nice little jump that my belove TSX made at the opening this morning. Some where in the 15 300 points! Let's go bitch, you can do this! Go go go! This should be enough to motivate her soul to start the day on a higher note today.

Just like Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) had suffered from malicious manipulations coming from a dumb-dumb American of the name of Marc Cohodes, Aphria Inc. (APHA) is currently suffering from attacks coming from another American, this time, Marc Cohodes is not involved. Today events seem to be coming from Gabriel Grego, founder of Quintessential Capital Management. I would like to understand why investors care about what Americans have to say regarding our great economy and about the great companies that composed that great economy. Americans are not exactly smart, its a well-known fact. And I refused to accept the fact that the opinion of some idiots can have a huge impact on our economy. 

I recognize a good stock and if I decided to invest in Aphria Inc. (APHA), its because it was the best pot stock we had in Canada. Or one of the best. Just like Donald Trump did with us, people like Marc Cohodes and Gabriel Grego like to mess with us. We should declared war to those short-seller stars and brake them to the bones. When it comes to Americans, I am absolutely intolerant. I don't think the modern world should pay any attention to what's going on in the USA. The world is much more than only the US. The Americans actually block our perspective by desperately getting all the attention and today, Gabriel Grego did his move, and idiot investors had faith in his voice.

Men like Marc Cohodes, Gabriel Grego like to make some noise and receive attention, but they are both two perfect American idiots just willing to destroy what we have best: our economy. I am really proud to have Aphria Inc. (APHA) in my portfolio and I won't ever let an American with poor judgement to decide of the destiny of my assets.

At some points, someone need to pay of their actions and its not us, Canadians to pay. Fuck off Americans from the TSX.

APHA will recover. Like for any news, Aphria title is really volatile, but today wasn't a good day. But guess what, tomorrow is another day, even for Americans.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Getting ready for my next investment: MTY Food Inc. (MTY) for my RRSP portfolio

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $128 415.28, my TFSA portfolio at $75 729.71, and my RRSP portfolio - stocks only - $38 676.06. My margin account usage is at $66 214.31 and amount of money left of it available, somewhere in the 18k. My numbers are not too bad. I didn't sell any other stocks yet in order to pay down my margin.

I worked really hard to save money lately. Today, it was raining all day long in Montreal, so I count my penny cash and I actually had $111 in a mix of 5 and 10 cents, and maybe another $100 as I have a bunch of 25 cents that I am not done counting. :-) And before that, I went out for a quick walk as it was heavily raining... and I started feeling something cold on my feet, and it was the rain of course. My winter boots are no longer waterproof. I didn't like those winter boots anyway, but I am a bit upset that I have to buy a new pair, especially now while I was pushing hard to cut down my spending. I really don't want to buy a new pair of winter boots, especially not now.

I am quite good at playing this game of saving money. And whenever I want to play it really hard on myself, I put on a cash diet. The idea is, other than the regular bills and rent payment, you go on cash to pay for everything else and of course, you imposed a limit of cash you have to live on. Not exactly easy. I withdraw $100 in cash per week and that's all I have to cover everything for grocery and everyday expenses for one week. And a $100 is not a lot of money, but it's doable. And the fun is to try to go under the $100 per week. I almost already spend $100 already for this week, but that's because I bought some laundry tickets. I actually have only $9 to $10 left for this week, which will go for coffees. I cut down a lot in my coffee expenses my bringing a thermos of coffee to work. And I bring my lunch, of course. I usually set my lunches for the week on Sunday evening, and I usually clean my apartment on Saturday. In order to save money, the best behavior is to be organized. If you do all the crap before starting a new week, it will help.

I also put a few items for sale on Kijiji, but no luck so far. But I did sale a few items on Kijiji earlier this year. It worth it to check out on the stuff you no longer use and put it to sale. The most annoying part is to handle the emails. I received a few of "is this item still available" kind of email, which is really annoying, but other than that, selling stuff on Kijiji is pretty straightforward.

I currently have over $600 in cash inside my RRSP portfolio. And that's because of the extreme generosity of Thomson Reuters Corporation (TRI) who decided to treat me like a princess - and all of the investors who are holding on to some TRI shares. With that money, I would like to make a little investment in MTY Food Inc. (MTY).

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