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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I finally gave up on my taxes declaration

I renew my taxes this last Sunday and at the end of the day, it was not 2000$ or something that I had to pay back in taxes… But it was 3000$. The more time I spend on my taxes declaration, the more I had to pay in taxes!

After what, I told myself it was time to get some help! I get organize and just yesterday, I bring my paper to the proper professionals’ lol. I still consider the fact that it cold happen I might have to pay 3 000$ on taxes, like if I had not paid enough already! Tomorrow with my newest pay, it’s 1 600$ I will have in my banking account, so I plan to use some checks I got form my credit card to raise the rest of the sum of money – in case I need it. This year is very awful for my taxes. But I will survive. Doing personal taxes can really be annoying and exhausting. The worst that can happen is that I actually have to pay 3 000$ in taxes, which I will be surprise. Nightmare. But is worst is paying taxes or having to give my $$$ away to some Quebec government that is now mine? LOL!

I learn a lot by trying to do my taxes and I am looking to share what I had learn really soon. Cool exciting projects coming on.


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