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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My portfolio at Great-West Life

At one of my late job (I no longer work there anymore) we had a Group Retirement & Saving Plans. The employer contributes to it, and as an employee we also had to invest in the program, even if we didn’t want to lol.

The value of my portfolio in date of March 31 is of 1 451.71$. The value of my Great-West Life portfolio in date of January 2009 was of 1 471.95$. Since that time, I lost 20.24$. When I first pick my mutual funds, I didn’t know too much about investments.

My Great-West Life portfolio largely includes fix income. I do not regret the choice; it’s actually giving a bit of stability to my overall portfolio (stocks, units and all other included).

Let’s check out this other awesome portfolio of mine.

My Great-West Life portfolio:

Leith Wheeler Canadian Equity: 207.30$ (14.3%)
Bissett Small Cap Fund: 161.43$ (11.1%)
Trimark Candian Bond Fund: 442.06$ (30.4%)
McLean Budden Fixed Income Fund: 182.58$ (12.6%)
TD Canadian Bond Index: 275.94$ (19%)
London Life Mortgage (LC): 92.58$ (6.4%)
GWL Investment Management Ltd. (GWLIM) Real Estate Fund: 89.82$ (6.2%)
TOTAL: 1 451.71$

It’s all about dividend income now

About my Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN) dividend

Just yesterday, I had received 4.28$ in Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN) dividend. The amount was unfortunately not enough to purchase even 1 unit of LIV.UN. I transfer the little money as payment on my credit line. I won’t receive any more LIV.UN dividend for quite a while now that Livingston International Income Fund had announced a temporary suspension of their distribution. Very sad. But while LIV.UN is cutting its dividend, some other companies of my portfolio continue to pay dividend. And they are, among other…

And also Sprott Asset Management (SII)!

Just today, I had received 12.50$ in dividend from Sprott Asset Management (SII)! It’s make an extra 12.50$ I can transfer as payment of my credit line. And I truly need it. The dividend had been deposit in my account in date of June 1, but I already received the dividend on date of today in my account. Strange!

And for Fortis?

For the month of May, I taught I was supposed to receive some Fortis (FTS) dividend, but I didn’t received anything so far coming from Fortis. Maybe I done a mistake in the distribution date, it’s something I have to verify. Or call TD Waterhouse lol…

Waiting for Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) dividend

The only dividend earning that is currently missing from my portfolio for the month of May is the one coming from my “investment rock”, Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN).

This week, SIF.UN had announced their name change. I find this name change useless because I really like the name Energy Savings Income Fund. Starting June 1, SIF.UN will become Just Energy Income Fund. I don’t like the new name at all. Energy Savings was much more classy. Just Energy sounds like a cheap product name. I just hate it! As a unitholder of Energy Savings Income Fund, I would have like to vote their name change. And of course, I will have vote against it. Instead of changing of name, SIF.UN should have changed the look of their Web site if they wanted just to have some change. I just don’t like their Web site at all.

And about other things

And talking about investment and dividend, this week was officially my last week of free time. It’s been very cold in Montreal this last week and it was not the perfect weather for outdoor activities like I wanted to do. I pass enormous time blogging, trying to make money online. I also work at my 2 jobs like usual. I am doing quite fine. The TSX had close for the month of May at more than 10 000 points. On Monday, I will begin like plan my job search. I will probably have less time to spend on my different blogs, but it’s not about what is the most important thing at this time. Right now, I would very much like to add 200 units of BA.UN to my portfolio. I think I will be able to make it by the end of the summer if only I can find myself a day-time job. I am just hoping everything will turn out for the best.

If am not being successful at making money online, at least, I want to be able to reach my dividend goal which is to reach 2 000$ in dividend earning income by the end of this summer.

I am kind of exciting by my upcoming job search and I cannot wait to see what will happen.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thinking about Derek Foster

I had been thinking about Derek Foster lately. Fact is, because he had sale big part of his portfolio a couple of months ago, taxes are going to be horrible for him next year! I just hope he won’t have to pay out too much in taxes. I had so much trouble with my own taxes this year. I am quite happy to have this behind me now.

I remember my reading of Stop Working. In his first book, Derek Foster, somewhere in his introduction, talked about things he would like to do rather than working. One thing was about building Web site, another one to do the military training, among other. Now that he had sold out biggest part of his investment, I wonder what Derek Foster is now doing, if he had joined the military or what else lol.

Derek Foster should start a blog of its own and applied Google AdSense ads into it. Wouldn’t be cool lol?

My upcoming projects

It’s officially my last week of free-time and I there’s so much I want to do! Time is running too fast! I won’t be able to do it all in one week! Knowing this, I came with a taught... why not keeping things the way they are and just enjoy the summer time? How about that lol?

It’s a decision I will take at the end of this week. But I already have the answer in my head. I am not too much into money with the beautiful summer that’s coming ahead. I never really took the time to enjoy my summer those last years and having from the morning until 3 in the afternoon won’t be too great for my portfolio, but it could make a difference in my life, just to do whatever for 3 months during weekly daytime. It was so lovely today in Montreal! It was the perfect weather! I was working, as soon as I arrived from work, I clean my place. I did my laundry. And my tinny little apartment is now spin and clean. It’s a lot better know and I am feeling much better too lol.

But I still have so many things to do and it’s so annoying because the only thing I want to do when I am currently not working at one of my 2 jobs is well, to write on my blogs! Life can be that distractive!

One of my goal is to reach 2 000$ in dividend earnings by the end of the summer

I believe I might have talk about this before. I fix myself a goal to reach 2000$ in dividend earnings for the whole year by the end of the summer. The crazy girl that I am is going to make it happen even if, probably, I won’t be working during day-time this summer lol.

How I plan to make it happen

Here’s the plan. I already have 1 590.92$ plan in dividend earnings. I am only missing 409.08$ in order to reach my 2 000$ goal.

As next investment, I was thinking about Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN). Unfortunately, Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund is expensive. I would need at least 200 units of BA.UN and I will probably around 5 500$ to make the investment. I do not have any cash available at this time. I can save let say 1 100$ per month. At the end of the summer, it will be around 3 300$ top I will be able to save; it’s about all, without day-time job.

I was thinking as back-up Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN), but I will probably need at least 4 500$ I believe in order to do the investment. It will be 300 units of PIF.UN. At TD Waterhouse, units can only be purchase by 100 at a time, from what I understand.

I have just a little savings in ING Direct, not even 300$. I might withdraw it, but it won’t be enough. So now, what do I do?

At this time, the conclusion will be: I really need a day-time job lol!!!!

But since I didn’t decide yet, I modify the goal: instead of the month of August, I am giving myself until the month of October…

Whenever my 2 000$ dividend income will be reach, I set myself another goal.

200$ per month in dividend earnings

This one is heavy business. I had been thinking about this goal for a little while now. In order to reach 200$ per month, in a year, I need 2 400$. Once my 2 000$ dividend earning will be completed, I will only be missing 400$ in order to receive 200$ per month in free cash… 200$ is valuable money knowing that my cost of living is quite low.

I am really into this whole dividend deal!

And not to forget about my 2009 RRSP

Busy time! Summer is not yet over yet that I am already thinking about my 2009 RRSP… My goal for this one is to invest as much as possible into my RRSP once the 200$ per month in dividend earning goal will be reach.

For the taxes of 2009, I really want to pay very little extra taxes.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I have other investments rocks in my portfolio

I decide to do other things than blogging since this upcoming week since it’s going to be officially my last week without having a day-time job. I decide to do stuff I wanted to do for a long time, like to do some shopping, borrow books at the library, open a broker account with i-trade (I will get back to this one), going to take a walk in the Old Montreal and go swimming! I have no clue where to find the closest interior swimming pool of my area…

After feeling so much back pain, I decide it was time to get some exercise. I am basically in front of a computer maybe 14 hours – even more per day. Thinking about it, it’s very horrible! This evening, I didn’t exercise that much, but I went see a movie, Angels & Demons, very good, beautiful images. And as always, Tom Hanks is at his best.

This last Friday, I was able to see my team leader at my evening job. I am working full-time next week. There’s been a mistake in the work schedule. Bunch of people like myself actually had the same problem. But seems like my problem is resolved now and I am going to be able to fully enjoy my last week of free time.

I have still have a lot to do… My place is a big wholly mess right now lol. Since I had try very hard to make money with my different blogs, I didn’t spend to much time on cleaning. But get a time when cleaning is needed. I won’t be able to stand it too much longer. About my blogs, the funniest of call is title International Organization of Prepaid Workers, which I find completely hilarious. Another one is Advertisement for Blogs, Happy and Simple Living and, of course, The 200 Project Blogs, among other. I really had a lot of fun with all of those multiple blogs. But the key to become a successful blogger – or should I say what I believe can push and drive someone to become a successful blogging is too post regularly and one day, the blog become fully searchable. One idea I have as a next post for The 200 Project Blogs talk about the difficulty of being searchable on Google.

The Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) had been included in my portfolio since May 8. I said about Energy Savings Income Fund that it’s being considered as being an “investment rock” by its chief. Since I invest in 200 units, the unit didn’t gain any value. But this course, do no effect my perception of SIF.UN – I just like to rising the value of my investments.

Talking about my investments, I had received my Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) dividend for the month of May this last Friday. I had received 51.90$ in Pengrowth Energy Trust dividend. I now officially hold 525 units of PGF.UN. Which I really like. I just hope there will be no dividend cut coming from PGF.UN. They already reduce their dividend to 1.20$. But still, per month, I make 51.90$ – and even more since I DRIP – from the investment and I really like it! I just hope it will turn out for the best for me because I really work hard for my money. I accept the risk – but still, I want to be able to earn some money and earning dividend is one of the best thing that have ever happen for me in years! I just had to learn about stocks and units and voilà, I am a beautiful and rich young woman lol. And I all own it to the very marvelous Derek Foster. Except for my beauty lol.

Other great news about my investments

My fantastic Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund is up to 1084$! I like this fund! Isn’t cool to make money like that just from one investment? Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund had giving me faith on the value of investing again.

Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN) is slowly growing in my portfolio. The value of my Pembina Pipeline Income Fund units had increased from a couple of dollars. I cannot tell how as I cannot log in – again – to my TD Waterhouse broker account. I can actually access to my account, but I cannot visualize my investments.

I do not recommend TD Waterhouse to anyone! Both system and customer service are total craps! Distushting! I am paying 29$ per transaction and I got some system error problem. But like this is not being enough, I am being asked to call than… If problem persist, please call… I don’t have time to call! I am a blogger! Of course, I have sometimes received good customer service from TD Waterhouse. But not being able to access to my account whenever I want is unacceptable!

Let’s move on. Next…

Regarding upcoming dividends that I am supposed to received in May

I taught I was supposed to receive Fortis dividend earlier this month. But I didn’t receive anything yet. Next should be 4.28$ coming from Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN) and also 20.66$ from Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN).

Unfortunately for me, it’s going to be the last time I will be earning some money from Livingston International Income Fund as the company had announced a suspension of their dividends for the next couple of months.

Those could be seemed as ridiculous amount of money – and actually it is – but knowing that those are the amount of my dividend earnings, it’s just not the same thing. This is powerful money!

Friday, May 22, 2009

What's going on?

Yesterday at my evening job, I took a look at my schedule, like I do for every week even if I work on a regular 16 to midnight basis. For next week, I am only schedule for Monday, from 16 to midnight. Seem like for next week, I will only be working 4 days! It’s going to be very rough on my budget if it’s the case. I was so shock by the news that I felt a heavy pain on my lower back. It was horrible. I am still having back pain at this time, but it’s not so bad. But still!

We are very busy right now with the calls. Just yesterday, calls didn’t stop from 16 to midnight. There’s no reason why my hours should be cut like that.

But the situation is not desperate yet. Maybe it’s a mistake on my schedule. I was not able to very as my team leader was not on duty yesterday. But he is in today, I left a not at his desk and I am going to see him at 4PM. I just hope it’s going to be ok.

For the month of June, I am going to be ok. I will be able to pay off all of my expenses. But problems could begin to show up in July. If I am only working on Monday next will, I will begin my job search this weekend. And for June, I might just do the minimum payment on everything, credit card and so on. Also, I had all those blogging projects I wanted to work on. I was supposed to be job searching only in June. In the meantime, I was supposed to be taking a rest and working at my blogs. All of my plans seem to be broken.

I am facing a very difficult situation right now. Cannot wait for 4PM…

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Energy Savings Income Fund is an investment rock

The expression “investment rock” had been used by the Executive chair of Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) in her latest press release. I really like the expression “investment rock”. As a small investor, I am in great needs of solid investments. I truly believe that SIF.UN represents a good investment. I am very proud to have SIF.UN included in my portfolio.

Here is some of the context where the Executive Chair had used the expression “investment rock” to describe SIF.UN:

“I like to think of Energy Savings as the fund for all seasons. Since our IPO eight years ago, we have seen good weather and bad weather, skyrocketing commodity prices and collapsing commodity prices, good economic times, and the worst recession since the 1930s. I would like to think that Energy Savings has been an investment rock throughout the entire period, providing predictable, reliable and growing cash flow to our investors every year, just as I promised at the time of the IPO.”

And the good news just keep rolling and rolling through the rest of the press release. According to RM, SIF.UN fourth quarter of fiscal 2009 had been, to repeat her words: “the strongest quarter in the history of the company”. Is there anything better that can be said about SIF.UN?

While being in a major recession, SIF.UN declares its best result ever. Those are good news for unitholders of SIF.UN like me.

Just like Sprott Asset Management (SII) who had provided a special dividend to their stockholders, SIF.UN had paid a special distribution to their unitholders. In 2009, the special distribution of SIF.UN had been of 16.5 cents per unit.

But isn’t strange that SIF.UN had also a net income loss of more than 1 billion? Is it normal for the Executive chair to publicly declare that SIF.UN had its best result ever when they had at the same time a net income lost of exactly 1 107 473 000$? This is the most complicated part and I don’t know for sure – for this specific reason – if SIF.UN really represents a good investment.

At this point, it does begin to become just a bit too much complicated for me lol.

I finally received part of my May dividend

I just take a look at my broker account and I finally received my Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN) dividends. I earn 13.13$. Unfortunately, it was not enough to cover the cost of one unit. The value of PIF.UN is currently of 14.07$.

At this time, I am still waiting for my Fortis and Pengrowth Energy Trust dividend.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am still waiting for my dividends

For the month of May, I should received about 129.36$ in dividend money.

I didn’t received my dividend from Fortis (26.26$), Pengrowth Energy Trust (51.90$) or either from Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (13.13$). It’s because I had enroll to a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP). I begin to worry for Fortis, because the distribution date was back on May 8 and I didn’t receive anything yet. A while ago, I was told by a TD Waterhouse representative that to receiving dividend when enrolling to a drip could takes a couple of days before actually receiving the new stocks. So let’s be patient for once lol.

The Benefits of participating in a DRIP

The dividends I am earning from Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), Methanex Corporation (MX), Fortis (FTS), Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) and Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN) allow me to earn new stocks at the same occasion as receiving dividends. I enroll in a DRIP for those companies by calling TD Waterhouse. I ask them to register to a DRIP for current investments. I was told that all new acquisitions will automatically DRIP – if eligible.

Its unfortunately not all companies who offer a DRIP program. There’s no DRIP available at this time for Sprott (SII).

The DRIP is a very good program for me. I am still at an early stage in building my portfolio. Later on, I might just cash in the dividend money and it will go directly to my pockets.

I find an ad for a part-time job in a newspaper. The hours are flexible and the workplace is located downtown Montreal, close to my evening job. I had been giving myself off until the end of May. But I will apply to this job tomorrow. I really want to earn more money in order to purchase at least 100 units of Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN) as soon as possible.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What will be my next investment?

I just have left 2 weeks until the beginning of June, than I will begin my job search for a day-time job. I just hope to be able to find something what will fit in my schedule. I am available at anytime from 8am or even earlier to 3:30pm. I would very much like to find something. The extra money made will allow me to increase my portfolio and I cannot wait to reach my first 50 000$ in investment. It’s getting interesting.

Those last few days had been quite chaotic. I really work hard at trying to make money online and currently, most of my free-time is being giving away on trying to make money online. I now reach over 700 followers on Twitter and I continue visiting my followers’ blogs from time to time.

I start a couple of blogs. Lately, I had been trying to make money online like crazy. I started a couple of blogs all over the place. One blog that I just started but I already like very much is a blog call The 200 Project Blogs. I am very proud of that blog even if I am still at the early beginning. If you like, you can check it out. I start out multiple blogs lately, but the funniest one is a blog that I title this way: International Organization of Prepaid Workers.

All of this of course have nothing to do with investment, but if it happen I can earn just a bit of money from those blogs than, automatically, they will become part of my investment plan. I would very much like to make money from Google Adsense program. I cannot believe I am going to be job searching in about 2 weeks from mine. The whole job searching process is already plan now and I wrote it down in my calendar…. Seem like I have no choice.

As for my next investment, I would very much to invest in 100 units of Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN). BA.UN annual dividend is of… 2.90$ per unit!! And BA.UN latest had been very strong and I truly believe it’s a good company to invest in. I might only be able to make another investment in 2 months from now…. Running out of cash…

Friday, May 15, 2009

Doing more with less: budgeting!

I am doing a lot better today than yesterday. I slept in very late. I actually wake up at 13 pm… The TSX is burning me. Today, the TSX gain some points and is now at 9 849.2. It’s part of the reason why I am feeling better today. It wouldn’t be the case if the TSX would had drop points again for 2 days in a row.

I took my day-time off until the month of June and it’s going to be very difficult for me to start getting up early in the morning again. But I might continue to sleep-in if it happens I can’t find a day-time job. I just got terribly lazy among the way. But not that lazy as I am trying very hard to make money online. I would very much to make a 200$ per month with Google Adsense. It’s the goal I gave myself.

For now, and let’s say if it happen I couldn’t find a day-time job in June, I would probably work at paying some debts of mine instead of investing. I am making 1460$ per month at my evening job and my weekend job is giving me an average of 620$ per month. At 2 080$ per month, my income is not that much, but its making enough to pay my usual expenses and pay-off some debts.

By “doing more with less”, I mean to minimize my expenses in other to maximize the payment of my debts. And to do so, I need to respect a tight budget.

And here it is:

Rent: 535$
Internet: 35$
Metro pass: 67$
Student loan: 150$
Groceries and coffees: 250$

2 080$ Income - 1 037$ Needed = 1 043$

This makes 1 043$ I have available to pay on my debts each month (this is the reason why I seriously need to begin job searching in June lol). I do not carry heavy debts, but it will be better if I could begin to pay-off some of them. At this time, I have 800$ in my bank account. I just received my pay from my weekend job. I currently have a balance of 645.46$ on my American Express. I like to use my American Express to received Air Miles, but at 19.99%, the interest rate is extremely high. Almost scandalous…

Anyway, I am going to send a check tomorrow to pay the balance I have on my American Express credit card. The remaining money of 154.54$ will go on my credit line at TD. For this month, it’s about all I can make as payment. But I guess I am going on the right direction.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Falling in my skin

The TSX had falled again… and I am falling too…
Just when I taught everything will get better, the TSX fall, again lol. Now, I truly understand Derek Foster who sell most part of his portfolio back in March. Seeing the TSX drop like this is quite awful and alarming. After spectacular gain, spectacular looses. Since I had been closely watching TSX ups and downs since 2005 – each time for whatever reasons – I shouldn’t be too shock about the whole situation, but each time, same destroying feelings and each time, same question: should I continue investing?

For me, it’s never been questioned to sale any of my assets under the impulse of some of those destroying feelings. The question being asked is if I should continue my journey and continue investing on a regular basis like I am doing right now or should I just sop and take that money in a ING Direct savings account.

But I never asked myself this question for really long as the TSX move a lot – maybe too much actually. But this is what expert call “market volatility”. That’s what I hate the most about investing but I am still able to manage it after all.

It’s soooo difficult just to be there, watching, without being able to do anything about the whole situation. And thing is I was really hoping the TSX would stay outside the trench of the 10 000 points for a while – I really had enough to see it under 10 000 points. As I am use to write: enough is enough lol.

On May 6th, when TSX was at more than 10 000 points, I was carefully looking at my portfolio and I saw an extremely potential and I was seeing 75 000$ on my overall portfolio. I was more closely looking at my Sprott Canadian Equity Fund investment. I originally invest 7 000$ in the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. I was looking at the fund value just a couple of days ago. At that time, my investment in Sprott was at more than 4 000$. Which I was quite good. I was only missing 3 000$ to reach the original amount of my investment. But now, all those marvelous gains might me lost by now. It’s a very frustrating situation for me. But I am able to live with it.

I am still into this investment deal. It’s just a bit shack up by all those ups and downs. I completely exhausted. Good thing I gave myself the whole month of May off of day-time job. I am really in need of a rest but at the same time, I have so much to do and I have great ideas for other blogs and I want to start… Right now, I am in a flux of creative, angry and exhaustive mood. If not to say explosive.

In those difficult time, hope TSX Web site is making good money out of their Google Adsense ads. There’s actually Google advertisements on the TSX Web pages – which I find just so funny…

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Building by portfolio one share at the time

I am currently waiting for my Fortis (FTS) dividend; I still didn’t receive anything yet, since I registered to a DRIP. In the meantime, I start working on another blog of mine, Advertisement for blogs. I had a hard time to find a nice template, but I am quite happy with my final choice.

The month of May should be, again, lucrative for my dividend earnings. For the month of May, it’s 129.36$ that I will earn in dividend income. I am still proud of the whole result, even if Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN) had announced yesterday that they had suspend the distributions to their “unitholders”. And I am one of them.

Back in March 7th, I had wrote about Livingston International Income Fund difficulties and on the fact that they should cut off their distributions instead of hurting their employees with hours cut. Seem like what I wanted to happen have… happen lol. But it’s not a huge surprised and I was expecting a dividend cut from LIV.UN.

I am fortunate enough not to have invested massively in LIV.UN. My overall dividend earnings for the year of 2009 won’t be too much affected.

But for sure, I won’t invest anymore into LIV.UN.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My initial 1 000$ now worth 1 080$: the magic of Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund

Thanks to the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund my one time investment of 1 000$ made less than 4 months ago now worth 1 080$! I didn’t know what to expect back than when I invest in this fund. I was actually ready to loose some money – but it’s exactly the opposite that happens. And all around it is so mysterious. Like how in the world is it possible?

My answers:

-The fund is extra well managed.
-Their managers might have graduated from Harvard or something like that lol.

But who’s behind the top mutual fund of…. could it of all time? This fund will probably do history. Reason why? While facing recession, while Sprott Canadian Equity Fund and RBC O'Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund, among other, were falling and falling and falling again, the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund was closing the year of 2008 with a 142-per-cent gain. And it’s not over… so far, 2009 results had been as great. But watch it out: results since inspection are of 190.20%!

And the manager of the fund, Steve Martin, is only 28 years old…. This is my age! I am 28 years old too lol. How impressive is that! And from my point of view, it could be the reason why the fund – having extraordinary results – is only managing 23.7 million. I am saying “only” because funds like Sprott Canadian Equity Fund, RBC O'Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund and CIBC Monthly Income Fund I invested manage billion of dollars.

I plan to keep Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund for a very long time and the age of the manager should not stop investor.

Another interesting fact: since the manager of Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund is so young, it make it a valuable investment for RRSP – probably the manager that is currently in place will remain in for a couple years – let’s wish until I reach my own retirement age – so I can benefit of his skills as long as possible.

For me, it’s Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund all the way.

My portfolio is looking good!

With the addiction of Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) into it, my portfolio is looking better than ever. And I have to say, I have added so far in my portfolio the majorities of companies I wanted to be a shareholder. I believe my portfolio is complete. Or almost. I am very happy at this point even if I have canceled my vacations at Halifax.

My next investments…

I would very much to purchase BA.UN units and other units of Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN). When I took a look at PIF.UN this morning, the value was 14$ per stock, but now, the value false down to just a bit less than 14$. PIF.UN is a good company to invest in. I really want to own more than 100 units of it.

A good reason to invest more in PIF.UN for me is that they have announced that they will maintain 1.56$ annual dividend for a couple of years from now. A raise have not been announced, but I prefer stability other than some other companies that provided big dividend earnings and who, later on, reduced their dividends whenever something happen, like a recession.

And I am thinking here about Harvest, Canadian Oil Sands Trust Units (COS.UN) among others. I one quickly read in the Globe and Mail that for companies paying too big in dividends come with risks. I do not know what’s the risk are about – but it might be in the sense that higher you pay, less you have in your pockets and in recession time, being generous in dividend might not be a good thing for companies. Again, it’s my interpretation.

I would also like to purchase 100 units of Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund (BA.UN). I really like Aliant.

What’s next…

And now…

I am pretty use to get up late and go to bed in the middle of the night now – its going be tough to wake up each morning. Only if it happens I can find a job for weekdays – half of the day or until 3:30pm. Having a day-time job will allow me to invest more in PIF.UN. I also want to begin to pay off some debts of mine. But for that, I need $$$ and it’s not my online revenue who will allow me to pay off some debts.

Friday, May 8, 2009

About my latest investment: 200 units of Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN)

Earlier today, I purchase 200 units of Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) at 12.10$. At the end of the day the unit’s price was at 12.17$. I made a profit of 14$ on one day – not bad. This investment had increased my dividend income of 247.92$. For a total of 1 590.92$. I am almost at that 2 000$ goal of mine in dividend income I have.

Everything is good my now. For the next investment, I would very much like to purchase some more units of Pembina Pipeline Income Trust (PIF.UN).

I do no longer plan to go to the trip to Halifax as my friend plan to stop for a night to our hometown and I really do not want to stay for a night at my parents place for different reasons. So I cancel everything. The trip would had been a bit expensive anyway as my friend was playing to stay in Halifax for 2 tips. And it would be expensive for nothing. At this time of the year, it’s still a bit cold and I would prefer to take a beach vacation, not a moving one. Most parts of the day would have been spending at looking for an apartment for her.

As for now, I plan to take the rest of the month of May off until 4PM from Monday to Friday. After what, I will begin my search for a day job.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Potential dividend earnings

Best thing about stocks is that some companies provide to their shareholders dividend.

Currently, my annual dividend earnings for 2009 are:

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) 102 stocks
[1.96$ annual dividend]: 199.92$

Fortis (FTS) 101 stocks
[1.04$ annual dividend]: 105.04$

Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN) 102 stocks
[0.504$ annual dividend]: 51.41$

Methanex Corporation (MX) 102 stocks
[0.7975$ annual dividend]: 81.35$

Sprott Asset Management (SII) 500 stocks
[0.10$ annual dividend + 0.15$ special dividend]: 50$ + 75$: 125$

Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) 519 stocks
[1.20$ annual dividend]: 622.80$

Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN) 101 stocks
[1.56$ annual dividend]: 157.56$

TOTAL: 1 343.08$

If, luckily, everything return to what its used to be….

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) 102 stocks
[1.96$ annual dividend]: 199.92$ (no change)

Fortis (FTS) 101 stocks
[1.04$ annual dividend]: 105.04$ (no change)

Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN) 102 stocks
[1.704$ annual dividend back on March 2006]: 173.81$

Methanex Corporation (MX) 102 stocks
[0.7975$ annual dividend]: 81.35$ (no change)

Sprott Asset Management (SII) 500 stocks
[0.10$ annual dividend + 0.15$ special dividend]: 50$ + 75$: 125$ (no change)

Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) 519 stocks
[2.70$ annual dividend]: 1 401.30$

Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN) 101 stocks
[1.56$ annual dividend]: 157.56$ (no change)

My dividend earnings could be of: 2 243.98$

Up of 900.90$!

I could possibly earn an extra 900.90$ in dividend earnings if everything could return to what it use to be. TSX is up to more than 10 000 points right now. Which mean everything is possible and everyone should be investing massively in the markets.

A second article of mine had been declined by Associated Content!

Oh no! Not again! It’s so…….. FUNNY, especially knowing that I received comments on my blog previously about my poor writing skills. But of course, I didn’t believe them and in result, well, of course lol, my article got rejected by Associated Content.

English is not my mother tongue and I only learn in English when I was attempting high school. That’s my excuse. I taught for a little while to open a My first 50 000$ Web site in French – it might be a good idea – without having a duplicate Web site of this current one.

Anyway, no worries, I plan to work again on the same article and resubmit it to Associated Content – one day. Like gees, those guys at AC are really reading the stuff that we are submitting… LOL.

I am not too sad about it. But just disappointed. I am going to review the article. I need someone to review the grammar and the spelling for me. The only reason why it’s been declined it’s in reason “Content must exhibit correct grammar, sentence structure, spelling and punctuation per our Submission Guide”. The article is about me trying to reach 50 000$ in investment. So I cannot just go and ask someone to review the article for me as I don’t want everyone to know about… my secret. LOL. I am can of stock here, me and my poor English. But I might be able to do it by my own. As I said, one day.

Maybe I am not that of a writer – but I am one of those super good investor lol. My portfolio is doing quite well! And I am so regretful for Derek Foster! But will see if this is just a temporary “good” situation or if it will continue this way or – if stocks market will go crazy again. But for how…. it’s EXTRAORDINARY. Awesome to see TSX flying to close 10 000 points again. It’s been so difficult for me during those past years to make money from my investment. I think I did a good thing to begin to invest back in 2008 – in the middle of worldwide recession crisis. This might actually made of me one of the best investor of all time lol. As always, just making fun of the whole thing. Don’t forget I am almost lost myself with that Associated Content dudes who don’t want of my article – but which I can fully understand. My writing is just way too creative for Associated Content. Anyway, let’s move on.

Now, no matter if I am going to take vacation or not, I decide to purchase stocks anyway… but now, I hesitate between SIF.UN or PIF.UN… PIF.UN is quite tempting knowing that the dividend is higher than SIF.UN. I am just confused as always.

Let’s take a quick look at my stocks portfolio:

Sprott Inc. (SII): 500 stocks
April 19: 2 155$
Today at 12:14AM: 4.65$/stock: 2 325$

Timminco (TIM): 200 stocks
April 19: 760$
Today at 12:14AM: 2$/stock: 400$

Blue Note Mining (BN): 12 000 stocks (the company almost belong to me!)
April 19: 120$
Today at 12:14AM: no change.
Blue Note Mining is now from TSX-V and I don’t know what’s going on with it for now.

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS): 102 stocks
April 19: 3 411$
Today at 12:14AM: 37$/stock: 3 774$

Hanwei Energy Services (HE): 300 stocks
April 19: 543$
Today at 12:14AM: 2$/stock: 600$

Methanex Corporation (MX): 102 stocks
April 19: 1 290$
Today at 12:14AM: 15.21$/stock: 1 551.42$

Fortis (FTS): 101 stocks
April 19: 2 303$
Today at 12:14AM: 22.74$/stock: 2 296.74$

Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN): 519 stocks
April 19: 4 065$
Today at 12:14AM: 9.23$/stock: 4 790.37$

Livingston International Income Fund (LIV.UN): 102 stocks
April 19: 435$
Today at 12:14AM: 5.50$/stock: 561$

Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN): 101 stocks
April 19: 1 411$
Today at 12:14AM: 13.74$/stock: 1 387.74$

April 19: 16 493$
Today: 17 806.27$

+ of 1 313.27$!!!

TSX, you rock my world.

It’s may be the right time for a vacation

Talking about pager… a friend of mine call me 3 times this evening on my pager. I couldn’t call her right away because I was on calls. When arrived my lunch time, I finally gave her a call. I learn that she was planning to go to Vancouver this summer and wonder if I wanted to come. She plan to use the train, she had been giving away a free ticket because she’s military. The cost of the ticket for me would had been of 900$, and this being for the transportation only. I told her it was a bit too much for me. Than, she told me she was moving to Halifax to work at the base out there. She’s going at the end of May for 2 weeks. I told her I could go if my vacations will be accepted.

I fill out the form in a hurry this evening. I just hope to have an answer as soon as possible so I plan something for the accommodation. Halifax has actually 4 universities. It makes it pretty affordable to stay in for 2 weeks in a 2 bedrooms place. Its look like I am now going to use a bit of that more than 1 000$ I have in vacation pay!

I went to Halifax one time in my life when was a teenager and I would very much like to go once again. The delay is quite short to plan everything put hopefully it will work out. It will be very fun if I could also receive my vacation pay from my weekend job.

Now, knowing this, by next investment I wanted to make with Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) is being put on hold for now. Until I decide what to do and see what happen next.

Associated Content Team had answered to one of my post on Twitter!

I was so surprised to receive a response to one of my post from Associated Content. An inconvenient with Twitter is when someone answer to a post, the answer do not show up on the profile of the user. When I notice Associated Content had added me as follower, well, of course, I add them too… Just a few minutes ago actually. After what, I took a look at Associated Content profile… And there I saw it, a reply to one of my post…

Associated Content actually answers to the post were I was saying that I wanted to become a verified member of Associated Content in order to be eligible to receive payment. But the problem being that I only have a pager (I am old fashion) and the activation code being left on my voicemail only remain active for 5 minutes. On the post, I was saying that 5 minutes wasn’t long enough for me to run to a pay phone, listen to the message and go back to my place to than after enter the verification code on the Web page… Chaotic situation. Very kind of them to have answer to my post!

Which show just how miserable I am. But I like to have a pager for now because it’s cheap. One day, when I will be reaching my first 50 000$, I will get myself a cell phone and if possible, it’s going to be a pink Blackberry lol.

Monday, May 4, 2009

TSX is doing better

Investing in stocks had been a crazy adventure. Only 3 days left and I am going to be able to make my next investment – which may be the one and only one for the month of May since I have to deal with a lower overall salary until I decide to hit again the workplace and begin my job search. As announced previously, I plan to purchase 200 units of Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN). This is the investment that will make me become a real investor :)

I had been looking into the TSX in this beautiful afternoon and my portfolio is doing well. Stocks price are going higher, for major part of my portfolio. SIF.UN had been falling to 12$, but is now at 12.10$... I look like to purchase 200 units of SIF.UN at 12$. A net value of 2 400$. And not to forget the very high commission of 29$ being charged by TD Waterhouse for the transaction.

I am definitely going to be job searching really soon.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I do not want to be slow down because of a lack of financial resources

I am almost there – I am missing less than 10 000$ to reach my first 50 000$ in investment. I am so close to my goal; it’s almost scandalous to be suffering from one lay-off and just, a few weeks ago, another bad news, a cut in my hours at what was my morning job. Anyway, I have to move forward. I am not the type who remains static for very long. I like to move and take actions. For now, I am still enjoying free-time during my morning. I am currently trying to make money online. OH YEAH lol…

And trying to make money online is… a painful experience… exhausting… frustrating… but, at the same time, very fun. See, I am using the word “trying” to make money online because fact is, I didn’t make any money online yet. Actually, if you check somewhere on the right column of this page, you’ll see a new paragraph title “Online revenue…” and under it, you will see 0$, that I put in green. A wealthy 0$ lol. It’s my way to have fun with it.

I really like what John Chow says on his blog about making money online. John Chow explains that his blog is not his main source of income and that he sees the money he makes from his blog as bonus money. By thinking the whole “making money online” type of deal over and over again, I begin to think (for once lol) and what John Chow said really made sense to me. For now on, this is exactly how I am seeing the whole “make money online” deal, as a hobby. On an upper scale, the deal is to turn the hobby into a dollars-machine-give-me-some-money-for-free lol. I really enjoy John Chow blog and I like to “Tweet” his posts all over the place on Twitter. It’s crazy.

I am not a big fan of CashCrate, pay-per-click programs or others of the same type. I just don’t like to complete online surveys. And I cannot stand being on front of my computer and be clicking on some ads or completing offers. Look like I am going to be job searching soon lol.

I way prefer to work on my blog. What I love about blogging is writing. And about writing, just yesterday, I submit an original article of mine to Associated Content. It will be the second try-out for me. And I hope this one will be the one! Stay tune and take a look at my profile on Associated from time to time. Maybe one day you’ll see one of by article being publish under my profile. One day... lol...

Friday, May 1, 2009

About my next investment: Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN)

Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN) and Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN) are both great, but I guess adding another company to my portfolio cannot hurt. Since I do not have that much money, I prefer to diversify my investments in different companies. It makes me feel more confident about me, my little money and my investments.

I had been thinking about Energy Savings Income Fund (SIF.UN) for a while now. I will soon take actions – but not before my next paycheck, which will be next week. Last Wednesday came that good news for SIF.UN with the acquisition of Universal Energy Group. I was expecting a major boom around SIF.UN after the agreement was made, but it was actually not the case. On this last Friday, SIF.UN was loosing 2 cents to close at 12.48$. But why? Shouldn’t be the complete opposite that should happen?

I am never going to understand the stocks market.

Another good example of the non-sense of stocks market: on April 29th Pembina Pipeline Income Fund announced an agreement with Talisman Energy Canada to acquire its Cutbank Complex midstream gas gathering and processing facilities. Fantastic! And I was expecting a major BOOM around my wonderful PIF.UN. But it’s quite the opposite that happens. Pembina Pipeline Income Fund value is now down of 63 cents to be now at the value of 13.45$ per stock. I will be surprise to see the price false down under 12$ – which is the price I purchase units of PIF.UN back on March 13th of this year.

In both case, 2 super great companies had announced acquisition. After what, their value haven’t rise.

The stocks market definitely does not make any sense at all!

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