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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meet Reiko Mackenzie of The Real Housewives of Vancouver

Reiko Mackenzie is a Japanese-Canadian lady who had been selected to be part of the Real Housewives of Vancouver. The other jet-setting women are Christina Kiesel, Jody Claman, Mary Zilba, and Ronnie Seterdahl Negus.

The Real Housewives of Vancouver is the Canadian edition of the US hit TV reality show The Real Housewives. The popular TV show had followed the luxury housewives of several cities. Other than The Real Housewives of Vancouver, we find the Real Housewives of: Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills and Miami.

She graduated from the University of British Columbia. She wanted to become a lawyer, but decided to focus on her family after she welcomed her first daughter.

She’s married to Sun Mackenzie, who has a criminal gangland murder trial and court history. In 2000, Sun Mackenzie, from his real name Sun News Lal filled legal papers to change his name for Sun Mackenzie. Reiko Mackenzie’s husband was considered a suspect in the 1994 murders of Jim and Ron Dosanjh, victims of a turf war between rival factions of a drug gang. Sun Mackenzie was acquitted of murder. In July 1998, Sun Mackenzie’s half-brother, Vinuse News MacKenzie, 27, was killed with a gunshot to the head. Two decades following the sad events, Reiko Mackenzie and Sun Mackenzie focus on their family. Reiko Mackenzie is the mother of two daughters.

Together, the couple owns a mansion valued at $3.5 million. Sun Mackenzie is a professional day trader.

With her husband, she owns nine luxury cars, including a Ferraris 599 GTO and 458 Italia valued together at $1 million.
Reiko Mackenzie likes to spend spare time studying mixed martial arts.

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