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Friday, March 30, 2012

Jean-François Tardif is FINALLY back in the game! Part 2

IT’S BEEN 3 LONG YEARSSSSSSSSSS. But hey, we’ll say that it had worth waiting later on when we’ll be cashing the big bucks on the back of Jean-François Tardif!!! 


Some people wrote in the previous post comment that my idea of investing in the JFT Strategies Fund is silly... as usual, I am being stupid blablaba... Well, guess what, my little bunch of HATERS. During his years spent at Sprott Asset Management, in 2008-2009, in the middle of the biggest financial mess, Jean-François Tardif brought the Sprott Opportunities Hedge Fund L.P. to the hedge. 

Ok, this is confusing...

On the First Asset Investment Management Inc. Web site, the JFT Strategies Fund is being introduced as a hedge fund, but it’s not the case. I just finish my call with TD Waterhouse. The JFT Strategies Fund is a Trust Unit, and not a hedge fund. The TD rep could see the JFT Strategies Fund in his system, but he couldn’t tell me more about the minimum amount required to participate at this initial public offering.

I had tried to push the investigation and called First Asset Investment Management Inc., but the beautiful male voice hangs up on me... So nothing much more now regarding the JFT Strategies Fund. Maybe sometime next week. 

While waiting, check on those beautiful flowers.... SPRING is here :)


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