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Friday, June 13, 2008

I purchased my first stocks yesterday

I just purchased my first stocks yesterday. I purchased 500 stocks of Sprott Inc. (TSX: SII) at 9.74$ each. I believe I made a good investment and I plan to keep those stocks for a while. I am too curious too see after one year how much will be the dividend and also the return. I prefer to invest in stocks that cost less than buying stocks of major banks which could cost me as much as 50$ per stock.

I was quite surprised to learn about Sprott and when I discover their mutual funds, I was even more surprised that those funds don't appear in the analyst pick of MorningStar. I read the article of the Globe and Mail that I find on Sprott Web site and from what I understand; their way of investing might be too different than others. That's why I never new about them before I saw that magazine at the Chapters. And I learn about it just at the right time, when I was desperately looking for stocks to invest in.

I just hope I made a real good investment. But only time will tell.


moneymate said...

I don't think Sprott Inc (TSX : SII) pays any dividend

Sunny said...

Not yet, because it's brand new stocks. But they might pay dividend later on, from my point of view. I really hope so. And it's a good buy, last week, I make 130$ from those stocks, I really like. And I like the fact that each stocks were less than 10$.. It was the only thing. Plus I really like the fact that the company donated 10 millions to Carleton University.

A company who donated money like that can only be a good buy. And I feel my money is secured.


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