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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I now have 100 Timminco stocks

I purchase other Timminco stocks this week. This time, I purchased them online, it was very easy to proceed, and it only cost be something like 27$. I purchase those stocks at 23.70$, which I believe was a good price for.

For the rest, the market is not super great at this time. I just can’t wait to make some big bucks from my Sprott Asset Management funds. So far, so good, since I am still working at my 3 jobs and I still making almost 800$ weekly. I am just looking to purchase more and more stocks and my next purchase could be Bank of Nova Scotia, but I will need at least 5 000$.

I don’t know too much on buying stocks, but I think the minimum per transaction is 100 stocks and Scotia stocks being not cheap, I might need at least 5 000$ before I can purchase them. I would like to purchase stocks that provide dividends. I was planning maybe to sell a couple of my non RBC mutual funds to purchase stocks.


moneymate said...

you don't have to buy exactly 100 shares of BNS. You could do an oddlot. I believe there's a 10 share minimum.

unless you're buying BRK.A
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE)
$118,400.00 per share

Sunny said...

You are right. I look at different stocks price and I find out that that some people actually purchase only 10 stocks. But it doesn't really worth it, unless the stocks are priceless. For your example, it's also from one of DF book. I actually read them both lol. Take care.


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