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Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer time is almost over

Now summer is almost over and I didn't see too much of it. But it was quite an exciting time as I just purchase my first stocks, but the fun stop there. Or almost, as I make a lot of fun of myself -me with my 3 low paying jobs, working 7 days a week - how don't know how many hours. I believe that when the time will come, I will do something else. But earning money is quite bad as I just want more and more of it.

I quite enjoy TD Waterhouse now that I am all set up with them. It's quite unfortunate the things that happen previous, but their online system is very easy to use and I really enjoy purchasing stocks by myself. For the first transaction, the Sprott Asset Management stocks, I purchase them over the phone, for the rest, I did everything online, except for the mutual funds of Sprott, which I purchase over the phone, since it was done without any fees.

I would just like to purchase stocks from a bank - from TD, as I read they are the one who are the least affect by the credit crisis we are in. I would had care about Rogers stock, but I still don't know.

I didn't calculate the overall value of my investments, as I believe I had lost money here and there again. But it doesn't matter, as I am ready to lose money - but I want to gain as twice more. I really had faith in the Blue Note Mining. It's kind of a lovely name for a mine and I read things around and the things is it's a good company to invest in. As soon as the price of zinc will start raising, the big cash will come and I might be finally be done with my student debts. As soon as the share can just reach - one more time the 60 cents - I sale, and make $$$ and pay off some of those debts.

That's the plan.


moneymate said...

good luck with BN. I think you're better off spending the $700 at the slot machines.

Big cash for you if it goes back to 65 cents. But there's a reason why it's trading at such a low price.

I like TD. It's one of my banks :)
$2.44 DIV. Cheers

Sunny said...

Your so funny! I way prefer trying BN than playing.. let say poker? lol And yes, trust be, it will be back at it's 65 cents. If it doesn't, I don't mind, I proud in investing in New Brunswick. And if it's doesn`t reaching the 65 cents well, at least, I would had a lot of fun trying, as my BN didn't require a lot of research from my part.


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