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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dieting with Oasis NutriSolution meal replacement of Lassonde Inc. (LAS.A)

The month of March is slowly coming by and with it a better weather. This weekend temperature in Montreal allow some activities outside. With the cold weather we have this winter, I stay in more and I haven't walk as much as I regular do. So no surprise, I gain a few pounds.  There's a free public swimming pool close to where I live, but in the cold weather, I really don't feel like going swimming. I also taught of going to a gym, but I am on a budget and I really dislike the idea of spending a few hundred dollars on a gym membership - I am way smarter than that.

I used meal replacements to lose weight in the past and it work pretty well for me. I went for a walk downtown this afternoon and in my way back home, I stop by a Jean Coutu. I taught of buying some meal replacements to help me lose a few pounds while waiting for Spring to hit on. And I made an interesting discovery.

Some meal replacements taste like shit - let say it. You might not be very appeal by them. The no name brand of Shopper Drug Mart work well for me, but the taste is not very extra good, but its not disgusting. However, I discover a new meal replacement: Oasis NutriSolution. Its made with fruit juice and a few savors are available. I went with a 6 packs of wild berry at $11.99. It might feel expensive, but the product seem to be of good quality: there's no artificial flavour or colour, its gluten free and no sugar added. Each bottle of the wild berry flavor contains 230 calories - exactly what I am looking for.

When I dieting on meal replacement, I eat a normal breakfast like usual, most of the time two slice of brown bread with peanut butter. It help me stay full until 11 h. In the morning, I like to take one glass of juice to get my vitamin c for the day. And I also take a one capsule of multivitamin. 

For my day at work, I like to cut 2 apples - strangely, I don't eat apples unless they are cut in slices. I also add white mushrooms, radish all together, but I don't add any salad sauce. I also bring a one small 0% yogurt (individual portions). When I begin to feel hungry, I eat my yogurt. Later on, I will drink my meal replacement. I will eat my slices apple in the afternoon. I also like pineapple, they really help to stop the craving. I usually eat pineapple by the end of the day, to make sure I don't feel hungry while leaving work. Once home, I try not to get a heavy meal. I usually get cereal or again toasts. I walk to go to work and on my way back home. And I try to walk again in the evening. If not, I don't lose weight at all... There's unfortunately no magic trick.

And REALLY important, is to drink at least 1,5 L of water during the day - that one is hard because I am not naturally tempt to drink that much... My trick is that I make myself tea at my arrival to work and by noon, again some tea and again in the afternoon... but if I do it at least 2 times during the day, its because I tried hard.

I think the worst thing to do is not to bring lunch at work. Because than, you eat at the food court and there's plenty of salt in the food that restaurant are serving. And plenty of junk too! I am getting back on track and we'll see how it goes. I was quite please by my finding. Oasis NutriSolution is made by Lassonde Inc. (LAS.A), a company that I own inside my portfolio.


Anonymous said...

Wow, high sugar/carb diet! You might as well drink a can of Coke.

Anonymous said...

Coca Cola is awesome! Great addition to a portfolio.


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