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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stéphanie Grammond and Rob Carrick: two losers in war against the TFSA

Lately, so call "financial journalists" of the name of Stéphanie Grammond of La Presse and Rob Carrick of The Globe and Mail had decided to come forward and testify against the raise of the TFSA contribution limit.

I love my country because its possible, even while earning very little to hit big on the stock market. Proof is, I my non-registered portfolio is now EXCEEDING the 140k. My non-registered portfolio is now at $141 156.13. Which mean that yeah, any sexy girl and boy can make huge $$$ on our very dear Canadian market. Knowing that we have the best stock market in the world, we should take advantage of every tools available at our disposal. 

I stop caring about the RRSP long ago. At 34, I need my money now, and I need to have my money working for me now, so that SOON (not not in 31 years from oh no) I can enjoy myself and be free of any kind of salvation. And for that, the TFSA is the perfect tool. We currently can invest $5 500 per year in a TFSA. That's great. But imagine that the Tories - yeah! Stephen Haper - want to DOUBLE the amount admissible in a TFSA when our federal deficit will be paid off. It mean $11 000 per year that can be invest in a tax free way! AMAZING.

But those two losers that are Stéphanie "flop" Queen Grammond and Rob "I know it all" Carrick go public about being against the idea, saying that it will only benefit a minority, only tot he rich. Well, to that, I say,you are wrong, bad journalists!

I am a middle class Dividend Girl and I am far from being rich. However, I can very easily save 10k per year - even more. I earn thousands in dividend per year and I plan to earn many thousands more. And I am far from being rich. I guess it might be hard for a Quebecker like Stéphanie Grammond to understand this, but Canada is the land of opportunities. In Canada, its easy to save money, its easy to make money. And in Canada, we should have all of the tools available to push it.

So hell yeah, in Canada, there're too much losers in the public scene.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dieting with Oasis NutriSolution meal replacement of Lassonde Inc. (LAS.A)

The month of March is slowly coming by and with it a better weather. This weekend temperature in Montreal allow some activities outside. With the cold weather we have this winter, I stay in more and I haven't walk as much as I regular do. So no surprise, I gain a few pounds.  There's a free public swimming pool close to where I live, but in the cold weather, I really don't feel like going swimming. I also taught of going to a gym, but I am on a budget and I really dislike the idea of spending a few hundred dollars on a gym membership - I am way smarter than that.

I used meal replacements to lose weight in the past and it work pretty well for me. I went for a walk downtown this afternoon and in my way back home, I stop by a Jean Coutu. I taught of buying some meal replacements to help me lose a few pounds while waiting for Spring to hit on. And I made an interesting discovery.

Some meal replacements taste like shit - let say it. You might not be very appeal by them. The no name brand of Shopper Drug Mart work well for me, but the taste is not very extra good, but its not disgusting. However, I discover a new meal replacement: Oasis NutriSolution. Its made with fruit juice and a few savors are available. I went with a 6 packs of wild berry at $11.99. It might feel expensive, but the product seem to be of good quality: there's no artificial flavour or colour, its gluten free and no sugar added. Each bottle of the wild berry flavor contains 230 calories - exactly what I am looking for.

When I dieting on meal replacement, I eat a normal breakfast like usual, most of the time two slice of brown bread with peanut butter. It help me stay full until 11 h. In the morning, I like to take one glass of juice to get my vitamin c for the day. And I also take a one capsule of multivitamin. 

For my day at work, I like to cut 2 apples - strangely, I don't eat apples unless they are cut in slices. I also add white mushrooms, radish all together, but I don't add any salad sauce. I also bring a one small 0% yogurt (individual portions). When I begin to feel hungry, I eat my yogurt. Later on, I will drink my meal replacement. I will eat my slices apple in the afternoon. I also like pineapple, they really help to stop the craving. I usually eat pineapple by the end of the day, to make sure I don't feel hungry while leaving work. Once home, I try not to get a heavy meal. I usually get cereal or again toasts. I walk to go to work and on my way back home. And I try to walk again in the evening. If not, I don't lose weight at all... There's unfortunately no magic trick.

And REALLY important, is to drink at least 1,5 L of water during the day - that one is hard because I am not naturally tempt to drink that much... My trick is that I make myself tea at my arrival to work and by noon, again some tea and again in the afternoon... but if I do it at least 2 times during the day, its because I tried hard.

I think the worst thing to do is not to bring lunch at work. Because than, you eat at the food court and there's plenty of salt in the food that restaurant are serving. And plenty of junk too! I am getting back on track and we'll see how it goes. I was quite please by my finding. Oasis NutriSolution is made by Lassonde Inc. (LAS.A), a company that I own inside my portfolio.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More on the JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN)

These days, my non-registered account is performing well these days. I closed the day at $140 687. I now have closed to $190 000 investment at TD Waterhouse. It begin to make a lot of money invested in the same spot. For that reason, I think I will apply to a RBC trading account.

Currently, RBC have that promotion, 22 free trades - or something like it - for a year. Its a great promotion. Not that I don't trust TD Waterhouse no more, its just a matter of not having too much at the same spot, in case some problems happen, like any kind of problem you can imagine of. Fraud or really anything else. 

Because if something happen at TD Waterhouse let say, and that all of my investments are made there, well, it would be quite of a stressful situation. I really think that having more than one broker account is a good precaution to have. So far, nothing happen to me at TD Waterhouse, but seeing my going slowly going up to the $200 000, its like gees, how that happen? The amount begin to be outrageously big and I don't like that.

I am probably going to open a broking account at RBC, but with that one, I won't open a margin account because we all know what happen when a girl have too much money.

Jean-François Tardif is really quiet these days so I am going to speak for him. The JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) is doing as well as my portfolio these days :-) Good job Tardif.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I am now debt free

Or almost... I had paid off my CIBC Visa and BMO MasterCard. I no longer have any student debt or any credit card debt what so ever... The only debt I have is invisible. It doesn't appear on my credit score. So what is that debt? Its my margin. Even if I have a margin debt of $68 282.49, it doesn't appear ANYWHERE. And banks just keep sending credit card balance offer over and over again. It took me such a long time to pay off my debt, its not anytime soon that will enroll in a loan or any kind of debt.

Eventually, I would like to see my margin usage go under the 60k. I hold Glentel Inc. (GLN) inside my TFSA and non-registered account. Since BCE acquisition of Glentel had been approved, very soon, I should have some new cash flow.

At less than $80 per share, Royal Bank of Canada (RY) look pretty attractive. I am surprise to see that even with a TSX at 15 000 points up, RY still trade way below the $80 per share.

I am watching my expenses, like I watch movies here instead of paying $12.99 to go and I didn't purchase new clothes in a little while. And I am trying not to spend too much. My non-registered portfolio close the day at $139 904.77. Can I make it at $140 000 by the end of the week? I hope so.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Canadian National Railway Company (CNR) is paying a treat to investors

That's quite nice, Canadian National Railway Company (CNR) had increased its dividend by 25%.

And its not the only fantastic news. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $139 408.14. I could barely believe. I hold CNR in both my TFSA and non-registered portfolio and watch out the fantastic gain. Back in October 2014, I had invested in CNR and since that time, I made more than $300 in capital gain, a 10% gain.

I was disappointed to see my precious Exchange Income Corporation (EIF) down, but its part of the game. This one is a bit more volatile. The TSX gain a few points, but no matter what, Royal Bank of Canada (RY) is also down. At this point, RY appears to be attracting.

I find it quite hilarious to read over the Internet that a household that make $120 000 is being considered "middle" class. That is certainly not a middle class history... If would make 120k a year, I would be rich, not part of the middle class. But that's where we stand. Under the Tories of Stephen Harper, a Canadian middle class salary is $120 000. Really? Will I really have to vote for Justin Trudeau for Prime Minister? Hell no.

Shake up Tories, don't make me vote for a damn Quebecker. PLEASE.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Good profit on the TSX, but for how long

Once again, its terribly cold in Montreal and New York, Boston and part of the Maritime are soon getting a heavy storm. 

My non-registered portfolio closed today session on a nice $139 515.04. I even have a left-over of $16 550.19 on my margin. I was quite surprise to have my non-registered value so high. I guess Bank of Canada rate cut of 0.25%  might play in something.

I had came with a little money plan and by the end of February, I will have my CIBC Visa and BMO MasterCard paid off. I only have left $720.85 balance on my CIBC Visa and a $1 087.39 on my BMO. Not huge amount, but it's required me a lot of effort to pay it all down. But by the end of February, it will be thing done. And by the end of March, I will have something I haven't have in a very very long time: money in the bank! I plan to leave in a 1k in my bank account to cover, at least, my monthly banking fee.

With a rate cut and multiple promotional credit card balance flying by to me, it would be quite tempting to do the exact opposite. In time like now, we could thing its the best time ever to borrow to invest, but I don't think so. There's too many people loosing their jobs. Target is closing, Mexx no longer exist (I got my hands on a Mexx purse as a souvenir...), Jacob had closed most of its store, Sony is about to close its few stores... I always found that Target was too much in the landscape. There's just too many stores out there and all those closing all came up naturally. I went to Target a few times, but it never became my favorite shopping spot. Its just sad because thousands are going to lose their jobs and I doubt that there're going to all be relocated to... Sears...

We live in a strange word were we combat terrorist by saying we defend the freedom of speech. All of the I am Charlie is all bullshit. We never live in a more depress, individualist word. A newspaper as Charlie Hebdo who published very disgusting cartoons against not only Mahomet, but Christianity  - in the name of freedom of speech - well, you know what? I am not Charlie and at the end, those journalists had what they deserved. Anyone who make fun of religion should prepare to die in horrible ways. That's is my freedom of speech. I am certainly not a Charlie asshole. I am the Dividend Girl.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

RBC Visa is offering 1.99% credit card balance transfert to the Dividend Girl

Isn't funny? Just at the time that I am very desperately trying to pay off my CIBC Visa, RBC Visa had just come up with that promotion to me, 1.99% interest rate + a one time fee of 1% and that's good until October 2015. So really people. I begin to think that the providence doesn't want me to pay down my debt at all!

The timing was perfect RBC Visa, but I will pass on that one. But I have to admit, the promotion is pretty dirty attractive. But no worries, I am now really turning into that perfect sexy girl and I am really slowing down on debt. And I no longer get excited when I received a credit card balance promotional offer. OR almost.

Not to long ago, I had a 6k on a CIBC Visa at 0%. My 0% interest rate is valid until March, but that come is a hurry... I now only have a $1 500 balance on that same CIBC Visa. I found it very difficult to pay off that debt. Among the way, I even sold a stock I no longer wanted to hold inside my non-registered portfolio, Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX).

I had another huge surprise today. Even now that I no longer hold CFX, my non-registered portfolio closed today session at $136 741.33, which is pretty good knowing all the yo-yo going on the stock market and the oil crash.

No matter what, I am a pretty sexy good investor.

And thank you for reading.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Getting debt free is so terribly hard

Once my payments will be process, I will only have left $1 522.85 on my CIBC Visa. The biggest part of the 6k had now be paid. And following what, I will do my best to keep me on the good road, I will do my best not to crack on 0% credit card balance transfer. But you don't have to worry, because I no longer feel tempt. Paying off my debt had been a very long painful process. I used to have an RRSP loan - remember that one? I also used to have a student loan, that's now gone too. I used to have an American Express at 0% a long time ago too... But now all those things are gone. And once my CIBC Visa will finally be paid off, I will only have left my margin as debt.

And the deal on the margin is that 67k is way too much to be paid back - or I am going to turn crazy. So deal is, no pay back on the margin never ever TD Waterhouse can kiss me.

I don't have any money left at the bank so I would eventually get a 1 to 2k there. Also, I would like to hide away something like $200 that I would hide not to say my mattress or close just in case of an emergency situation. I would like to put down around 10k on my margin to keep it safe so that I don't have to worry while I am away in places where I dn't have access to the Internet - like in somewhere like New Brunswick for example. Those of the type of things I plan to do with my money once my CIBC Visa will be paid off.

All of those things are really great, I am quickly getting rid of that 6k debt on my CIBC Visa which is currently at 0% interest rate for now. BUT, fact is, I am currently a heavy spender too. My BMO MasterCard is showing up a balance of $986.89. I pay my daily expenses using my BMO. If I buy a coffee, I buy it with my BMO MasterCard, etc. My cell phone and Internet payments also go on that card. I am pretty close to the 1k in expenses of all sort and the month of January is not even over yet...

I review my budget and stuff and my living cost shouldn't exceed the $500. That amount doesn't take in consideration my rent, cell phone and Internet bills. My overall budget is $1 210. Knowing everything I need to do with my money, I need to slim down my expenses. And that is not easy, especially while living in Montreal. I drink a lot here, I buy a lot of coffees, I eat out too often and I buy all sort of makeup and skin and hair products. Oh and nail polish. I never used completely one full nail polish bottle of my life, I just pick different colors from different brands whenever I go by a drugstore... I had been addict to nail polish my whole adult life - confession from your Dividend Girl.

Great, but if I continue to carry over my credit card, I will continue to spend like this - I know myself. So from now, I am getting a cash diet. I am giving myself $50 for the last week of January and after that, it will be a $500 every month in cash. That's what is waiting for me starting tomorrow.

At least, I got my hair and coloration done today so I will be looking good at least to begin this cash journey - just like I use to be in the old days. I was so penny wise, I can get back to my old else even if my hair are different now.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Saying goodbye to Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX)

I recently note that Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX) was hitting on the $14.75 mark, so at the first occasion, I jumped in - with the help of an automatic sell act - and I sell of the shares I hold of CFX at exactly the ask price, $14.75. Not that I don't believe in CFX, but currently, I only have my TD Waterhouse margin and a $6 008.85 at 0% for 6 months which will come to an end sometime in March. Right now, I really want to pay off that 6k debt as soon as possible. So I did it, I sell my Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX) shares today at $14.75. All of them.

The plan to pay off my 6k CIBC Visa card is quite simple. I currently have $2 049 in my banking account. I will use 1k from my sell of CFX. I have earned $94.08 in dividend inside my TFSA. I also earned a little bonus of $813.45 at work. And I earned $530.54 in dividend inside my non-registered account. That make a total of $4 487.43, with only left $1 512.57 to pay off. But good news, with the upcoming pay check next week, I should only have left to pay, in minimum, $840.57... I really hope to get rid of that 6k debt as soon as possible. And following what, party time will be on the place! 

I will be able to invest all of my savings inside my TFSA. I will only have a margin as debt and I plan to carry on forever because $67 000 is too much money to be completely paid off.

I currently have more than $23 000 available in contribution room for that TSFA. So 2015 will be the year of the TFSA.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Next money move need to be decided

Its terribly cold in Montreal these days and the stock market is all rock and roll! One doesn't go without the other. And in conclusion, my non-registered hit on the 135k mark. Oil is still down, but no matter what, the TSX is still strong and exceed the 14 000 points. I stop a long time ago to try understanding the stock market. I mean how can the TSX be that high when the oil value is so low? In Canada, we depend so terribly much of our energy sector. The current situation with oil doesn't seem to have that much effect on the TSX, and that is something I really cannot understand. Its just so crazy.

But of course, its a good thing that the TSX remains independent of the oil, if not, I will be crying right now. I was stress today because I have absolutely no time to check on the market during the day. I had no clue if I could hit on Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Crude Oil Bear Plus ETF (HOD). Its busy at work and I had to do some overtime. But this is good because it cover my taxi cost rides. I hate this very cold winter, its pretty rough. You know, when you only want to go out on a Sunday afternoon but you have to stay inside because of the rain changing in ice...  than you can say it, life suck!

Personally, I was attracted to Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. (WB), but I now have about 2k that will be available for investment, and I am more tempted to invest that money in Royal Bank of Canada (RY) for different reasons. First, its a money problem. If I would had like 4k to invest, I would invest in both RY and WB, but its not the case at this time. I need to be extra careful with my money right now. A part of my portfolio took an in deep hit because of a failure in oil and silver. I am actually quite surprise and amaze that my non-registered is at 135k. My next investment moves need to be made carefully. With RY, its boring, but the yield is almost at 4%. And they're good chances that RY could be a good investment that will gain in capital value in the years to come.

Other than RY, I maybe invest inside my RRSP by the end of March. I exceed the 50k in income this year again and investing inside my RRSP could help reduced my taxes. The really true reason why I need to invest inside my RRSP is because I had lost a LOT a LOT of money on the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund and I am looking to cover up the gap. And I am seriously thinking about investing that 2k inside my RRSP. The Sprott Canadian Equity Fund is quite disappointed and its really not a good investment. Jean-François Tardif with his JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) is doing much better.

The last for not the least, I have to pay off my CIBC Visa by the end of March... $6 000. 

I won't be able to do it all, time will only tell what my next money will be.


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