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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Save and easy investment: Royal Bank of Canada (RY)

With the cold wither weather, my hair turn dry and when I went for an hair cut, I have them cut shorter than usual and I have problem to get use to it. It's not super short either way, but I miss my longer hair. Winter had been really rough this year, making it impossible to enjoy the weather at some points. I just started taking again some walks and stuff. Its been crazy and not a very enjoyable time.

I have a few vacation days plan ahead and I am going to happily leave this Quebec province behind for at least a few days. Life is too hard.

While Derek Foster is at home doing home schooling to his many children and writing a newsletter about it and publishing it, I for my part, I haven't invested in something new in quite a while. And since Spring is in the air, I am in the mood for new investments for my portfolio!

The idea is not new, I had my eyes on Royal Bank of Canada (RY) for quite a while. Its still on the $76 and I just have one idea, its to buy a few shares of RY while the price is still right. As always, the stock market is all mess up with a bunch of up and down. But good thing is, its a great time to buy stock for the long run. And again, it should be done inside a TFSA.

Royal Bank of Canada (RY) is an easy and simple choice. At this point, the yield is 4%. Do you know a lot of investment that pay out a 4% guarantee? Its really the way to see it. At this point, I am really amaze because I thing I have my chances to reach the $140 000 in net worth by the end of 2015. I believe in the chances. It make quite a bunch of cash.

For new investment, I also had my eyes on Progressive Waste or something like it, a Canadian stock, but Susan Brunner had a bad experience with it. Let say that its not a killer stock. I also had my eyes on Dorel, but I am very happy to not be invested in Dorel because of it current situation. One stock that I mention before and that I still have interest on today is Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc.

I had bought a new lipstick at La Baie today, Baiser Velours Nude Kiss by Lise Watier and I love the shade.

(Sorry for ending being off topic but it cannot be worst than a millionaire writing about home schooling instead of stocks. 

Cannot get enough of M. Derek Foster).


PC said...

Hi Sunny, I've been reading your blog for quite some time. You are very resistent in taking other's suggestions to investing. I am reaching out to you as a fellow female trader to look into trading options. First off you can sell covered calls on some of your stocks to collect premiums. I've started not long ago and have made consistent income month after month. If you ever interested in the world of options, you can find me at @PC_Trades on Twitter.

DivGuy said...

You couldn't go wrong with RY or almost any of the big Canadian banks! Did you look at NA? I think this one has the biggest growth potential this year at upcoming ones.

Sunny said...

PC, 99% of the so call "suggestions" post on this blog don't worth it - at the example of your very own so "good" suggestion. Get off and don't come here ever again. This blog was not made for you.

Anonymous said...

In response to PC,

PC, covered calls can be a good strategy but for some they want to hold the stock and not have to worry about it getting called away. If you do covered calls and what a high probability the stock won't be called away you have to do more research and look at the chart more closely. Being a trader is totally different from being an investor.

If an investor does their research up front, they want to hold the stock and collect the dividends and increasing dividends over time.

Personally, I write covered calls on once and awhile but usually I buy and hold 90% of the time.

BeSmartRich said...

RY is an excellent stock. We won't regret purchasing solid Canadian banks. I just added CIBC on my portfolio as it pulledback quite a bit.



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