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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Overview of my financial situation from April 2015 to now

Yesterday, I update my portfolio holdings and my debt situation. I haven't post a portfolio update since April 2015. At that time, the TSX was showing off at 15 364 points. And of course, my portfolio has hitting on to its highest value ever registered. So for that reason, I of course post a portfolio update at that time. It was kind of an historic moment in my investment life. BUT following that, the market started acting all crazy again and I was no longer on top of my game. In response, I didn't post any investment update ever since. I mostly post an investment update when it strictly play in my only advantage and when I can shine as bright as gold. After all, I invest to make money, not to lose some! I prefer to stay quiet when the markets are volatile.

At 13 212.50 points, the TSX is far behind its old 15 000 marks. However, I was curious to see how good or bad I was overall, so I decided it was time to work on a new portfolio update, it was an emergency. Back in April 2015, my overall portfolio had a $205 871.46 value. On date of March 4, 2016, that value was at... ta-dam... $204 835.23, just a -$1 036.23 off, which is not so bad. As for my margin debt, its about the same as before. I hold about $65 000 in margin debt that I carry on my shoulders without any pain most of the time. Now, imagine what will be the value of my portfolio when the TSX hit back that 15 000 points! If only it could...

It take time, patience and extreme resilient to heal from massive crashes and since 2008, I didn't have it easy. How can a very middle class can even survive in this environment? There's no magic trick, if not to only have confidence in our on choices and power, and to always think that the market will eventually recover. Holding to mostly blue chips can certainly help on the long run.

Back in December 2015, my dividend earnings were at $6 128.80, and its currently of $6 128.97.

Overall, I am just glad that I am stable. Its a release to see that I am not facing big drop anywhere.

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