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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Saying goodbye to Jean-François Tardif and his JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) or kind of

I finally did it. I sell all of the units of JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) that I was holding in my non-registered portfolio. Those units were not paying dividend and on top of it, management fees were taking a cut of my money so hey, bye-bye Jean-François Tardif.

However, I still hold to JFS.UN inside my TFSA and RRSP and I plan to keep those units in there. Its just that I have a real hunger for something else right now. I want my money to work for me. I don't know if its because Jean-François Tardif is getting lazy or is dating a new hot girl but I don't care. I want profit, money and dividend. JFS.UN is on a slow-down curve. Now, the question being: can Jean-François Tardif deliver?

When the TSX was going all the way up lately, JFS.UN gains were so-so. And I am no position to stand that (kind of shit).

I am very sorry Jean-François Tardif, you will have to work harder to please me, if not, I will sell all of my units.

So all this mean that I am soon going to place a brand new hot and sexy investment and of course, I will tell you all about it when it happen.


Anonymous said...

Hi there!

What are your thoughts on JFT.UN now (sept 2017)? Will he make a comeback? Should i get out at a loss?

Thanks for your help!

Sunny said...
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Sunny said...

My very best advice would be for you to hold for now.
Tardif is a good investor, its just we are expecting too much from him. We all would like to see him perform just like when he was working for Eric Sprott.
However, he had declared publicly that a 6% perform should be considered as good - or something like it.
I guess that the market had changed very much since the 2008 stock crash and its very hard for those Bay Street stars to keep it up. And its barely possible for any of those hot guys to come out with very good profit.

Its why I am the very best and you should considered my advice.

This now being said, thank you for reading :-)


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