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Friday, December 9, 2016

Merry Christmas best wishes from the Dividend Girl!!!

Its not Christmas yet, but this is probably going to be my last post until we hit on December 25 because I am getting too busy. Hopefully, the TSX will stay on my side. Right now, the TSX is treating me like its favorite girl. I hope things will continue this way so I can keep a good souvenir of 2016 and so I can hit on the magic $200 000 net worth. I am so close, its unbelievable. My non-registered closed today session very close to the 147k, which is now my new regular standard. I can see popping up tot he 150k just like magic really soon.

A 200k won't change my world, but it will secure my positions. And what come next? A $250 000 net value - of course. And it will continue like that over and over again. I hope to jump in a pool of $300 000 by the time I hit 40.

I had some good money in the bank this month but with the holidays coming, I put the money to low down the usage of my margin. I hope the markets will remain calm during the holidays.

I just have very boring things to say write now because right now, I barely have my eyes on the market. I am getting so stress and tired at work that I have little time for myself or just to keep up with the markets. Its not true that I will keep up like this until 65 years old. When I see older folks at work, I feel sorry for them. Some must like what they do, but at a point, all the time and energy burn is wasted to the glory of someone else. The more I am getting older, the more I get to understand that working for somebody else will always be for somebody else. If you get fired, what if left of what you had done? Its all gone in the wind. 

And more than probably ever before, I understand the power of savings and I make the commitment to save more money in 2017 than ever before. Watch me if you can or keep reading. And post only good comments because very deep inside, you don't hate me, you don't love me, you ADORE me.

Happy Holidays to all of my readers and keep it real.


NRG said...

I am very impressed with your drive to be financially independent. 99% of the people I work with live for now. It takes discipline to succeed with dividend growth investing, and wanting to educate yourself to continue to improve. Tres bien.

Anonymous said...

I'm in BC and I ADORE you. Keep it up! Do you ever post a picture? Merry Xmas from the West XXOO

NRG said...


Merry Christmas and thanks for keeping up this blog. I work with so many younger people and their attitude towards spending and not saving worries me. Good on you to keep focused on dividend growth stocks and keeping your eye on the prize at the end. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

You're a smart girl. Take care and merry xmas!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sunny,

I am wishing you health, happiness and wealth in 2007.

Maureen from Calgary.


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