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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Nutrien Ltd. (NTR) finally declared its really first dividend and jumped in profit: go go go!

Things are slowly getting better. I now estimated my net worth to be sitting around $208 000. My dividend income is now at an annual $8 332.12 - that amount exclude dividend earns inside my RRSP account. Not a bad way to start the year 2018. 

My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $183 301.96 , my TFSA at $62 951.04, and my RRSP at $36 642.24. At a point today, the TSX reached the 15 600 points, and it felt good to see that we were evolving over the 15 500 points. Recovery is on its way. Its better to have a slow recovery rather than going to the old 16 000+ points overnight. In order to be a healthy place to be, the TSX needs to be the way I like it: gentle, nice and stable. Volatility sometimes hit hard, but capitalist remains, no matter what. And markets always recovered, no matter what. This year mark my 10th anniversary on the stock market. Its not yet a very long history, but on the stock market 10 years is f long. I know for sure that this world is unfair and unbalanced, and money is king of it. Markets had always and will always recovered from any type of volatility. But in my taste, I find that the TSX is the most stable market of the world. I currently estimated my net worth to be in the $208 000.

The stock market is a rough place to be, but you get use to it. A crash happen earlier this month, and I am really proud to say that this time, its the first time ever that I am facing major loses, I watched my TSX love losing some valuable BUT its the first time ever in my life that I don't feel any stress at all. It took me 10 years to become totally indifferent to the stock market volatility. If you are a new investor, I am just praying for you that it won't take you that long... Being invested on the stock market involved a lot a pain, and its sometimes not enjoyable at all. Like for example, just a few days ago, my net worth was something of about only $195 000. The jump from 195k to 208k wouldn't had been possible if I would had panicked and sell all my assets.

Agrium has ALWAYS been a super good investment, way better investment than Nutrien Ltd. (NTR), but unfortunately, Agrium and Potash are now the same company under NTR. I never experienced great capital gains by holding on to Nutrien Ltd. (NTR) so far. Today, a great news help me to save my beautiful face from failure: NTR declared its first dividend - it was about time - and by the same occasion, the title gains 5.01%.


I love my baby stocks with so much love, failure is impossible.


Unknown said...

Just wondering if your still overweight in premium brands. Seems to be flat so far and yes I know it’s still feb. Lol

hibernian said...

i bought agrium two years ago because of the great dividend it
was paying.when it got bought out by nutrien i ended up with
a stock that lost $14/share and paid less than half the dividend.
i thought about dumping it but im happy to see it come back a little.

Sunny said...

Yes, I still hold to PBH and I am still really overweight on it. Its not mommy fault - it grow like that all naturally. I am not going to sale my best investment anything soon. I will never sell it, unless if I really need to, or that PBH goes under some Quebec management or something like that really bad happen.

Unknown said...

Agree. I’m new to premium brands but if past history repeats itself it will be a core holding for me too. Enjoy your day and thanks for your reply. Your the best!!


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