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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Look who's back in the 200k net worth!

Thanks for today's wonderful gains, the TSX brought me in just where I needed to be. A $211,395.63 net worth is a nice step in the right direction. This is quite surprising, but if you had been investing in stocks for at least the past 10 years, you may have noticed that the stock market is always recovering quite quickly from whatever happens. And it seems to me like the stock market always trades at a higher value than what it should be. The stock market doesn't always react the way it should be. 

Currently, I have a few major problems with those 15,228.11 points. First of all, millions of people in both Canada and US are out of work. And most secondly, the oil price is low, and I guess we are still in a situation regarding oil. Anyhow, I stopped a long time ago just trying to understand the finance world, it's just a complete non-sense. I am just really happy with that $211,395.63 net worth, even if it's just doesn't make sense.


Jay said...

Low energy costs, quantitative easing, massive unemployment, weak Canadian dollar and uncertain general equity and real estate markets with all time high gold. Are you considering any gold stocks?

Sunny said...

I am not a fan of gold stocks, I find them volatile. I had invested in gold stocks in the past, but I sold them. There's no safe haven. I prefer to invest in quality stocks that I know will pay dividends. Gold stocks are not my thing.


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