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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

My next investment for my RRSP portfolio will be Cascades Inc. Unlimited (CAS)

Today, the TSX closed on a fantastic 16,428.30 points. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $102,928.29, my TFSA portfolio at $93,713.16, and my RRSP portfolio stocks only at $50,024.86. I think it's the first time ever that my TFSA portfolio is in the 93k value. Currently, both my TFSA and RRSP portfolios are exceeding this past August value. Only my non-registered portfolio is slow to catch up. Back in August of this year, my non-registered portfolio value was in the $110,000 and currently, that same portfolio is in the $102,000. However, please note that I had one investment - Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI.B) - that used to be in my non-registered portfolio, and that is now in my TFSA portfolio.

Today, I received in the mail a credit card balance transfer offer from CIBC. The offer is a credit card balance transfer for 10 months at 0% interest rate, but with an initial fee of 2% for the transfer. At a time when I am desperately trying to pay off my credit line debt, that offer makes me laugh. Currently, my credit line balance is at $2 928.25. Soon enough, that balance will be down to $1,739. I cannot wait to have it all paid down. Following what, I may be able to place an investment for the month of December. 

Justin Trudeau made today an interesting announcement that could be profitable for Cascades Inc. Unlimited (CAS) in the long run. By the end of next year, we shouldn't see any plastic straws, stir sticks, carry-out bags, cutlery, dishes and takeout containers, among with six-pack rings for cans and bottles, in circulation in Canada. It was about time. It's quite sad to see that in 2020, we're not doing much for the environment. We should have banned the use of plastic from our life several decades ago. This Canadian plastic ban could mean more growth for a company like Cascades Inc. Unlimited (CAS) who's already a leader in the production of packaging made of recycled fibers, like those ones

I still have a little sum in cash of +$500 inside my RRSP portfolio that is patiently waiting to be invested. In the circumstance, I think that Cascades Inc. Unlimited (CAS) is a good choice. CAS overall chart is not perfect, but it's no disastrous and who knows, maybe the future will be better for Cascades Inc. Let say that I really taught about this one. It will bring on some diversification to my portfolio. 

Inside my RRSP portfolio, I am already involved in the packaging sector with a stock that discovered way back on Stockopedia: Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN). RPI.UN is specialized in.. bottles. And I made a lot of $$$ on that stock alone. And now, Cascades Inc. Unlimited (CAS) will add on to that packaging sector of mine.

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