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Monday, March 15, 2021

Welcoming my highest net worth value EVER: $289,917.80!

These days, it's good news, after good news, after good news. First, today, my net worth reached $289,917.80 in value, which is quite amazing. Only missing $10,082.20 before hitting the SO wanted $300,000 net worth. Another good news: gyms are about to reopen on March 26 in Montreal. I will do my best to go in the morning, to avoid the max of people. And the biggest news of the day: Rogers Communications is looking forward to buying Shaw Communications Inc!

For me, this is kind of feeling pretty much like a natural move. It's been said that Rogers is looking forward to buying Shaw Communications at $40.50 per share. Shaw Communications Inc. (SJR.A) closed the day at $38.26, on a super great +26.104% gain. It appears that Rogers could acquire Shaw in 2022. Even while trading in its highest value ever - just like me at present - Shaw Communications Inc. (SJR.A) is still looking appealing. Let just watch this one and see if I could make a small investment in SJR.A just to be in the game. If I do so, I a probably going to place this investment move inside my non-registered portfolio, on probably margin account money, but I am in no rush. I have been a good girl and my margin debt is down under the 50k. My margin account debt is currently at $49,366.23.

Today, Bitcoin loses in value, but it was predictable since it was at its highest value. With crypto, you need to be aware that each and single time Bitcoin reached its highest value, you'll shortly after face some sell-off. I haven't been involved with Bitcoin investments for a long time, but for the past months, it's how things had been playing. thAt the present time, I am still comfortable holding on to Bitcoin Fund The Class A units e (QBTC) and Purpose Bitcoin ETF CAD ETF non-currency hedged units (BTCC.B) inside my TFSA portfolio.

Also inside my TFSA, Aphria Inc. (APHA) surf the day on a nice +10.86 gain. However, the most exciting thing ever is that the TSX is so very close to hitting on the 19,000 points! It's an in-deep mixed feeling of total WTF and wow fun :-) Without a TSX in good shape, I am next to nothing and I know it, at least.

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