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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Watch out for Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH): 7.345% gain in one day + DIVIDEND IS BEING INCREASED!!!!!!

I am 40 and in Quebec province, starting today, it was possible to make an appointment to get the COVID vaccine. And so I did. I have an appointment set for this upcoming Saturday to get my first COVID shoot. I am not really excited about this, but I just want to have it done and that's all. I am just happy that I have my Quebec health card. It took me several years to change my cards for Quebec ones, even while living here. With COVID, it's certainly best to hold cards where you live, in order to be able to benefit from health care if needed. 

Since I am 40, I won't for sure get the AstraZeneca Vaccine. However, I feel that Justin Trudeau is treating Canadians like third-class citizens. AstraZeneca is the worst vaccine ever, and to no surprise, that shit is coming directly from the UK. As Canadians, we should only get the best vaccines, no matter how long it takes. The only reason why Justin Trudeau wants Canadians to get the AstraZeneca Vaccine is to satisfy his own plan. However, if you suffer from side effects from it, I wish you good luck because hospitals are all fuck up. Politicians like Justin Trudeau are good at selling the AstraZeneca Vaccine because they have access to private health care and they won't ever suffer from direct consequences. In my opinion, AstraZeneca Vaccine should be avoided at any cost.

The TSX closed the day on a good 19,310.74 points. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $128,239.59, my TFSA portfolio at $116,347.58 and my RRSP portfolio at $57,563.83. My margin debt is now at $51,221.88. Currently, I estimate my net worth to be in the $297,500. With my upcoming paycheck this Friday, and with a bit of luck, I may be able to hit on the $300k net worth this Friday. I just need this to happen for at least one day. Following what, what had been reached - even for one day - became business at usual. We'll see if I can make it to the 400k after that.

At now $70,106.12 CAN, Bitcoin is definitively in a recovery mode. Ether is currently up on a +6.32% gain. I wasn't able to sell at profit the investment I made yesterday in 3iQ CoinShares Ether ETF (ETHQ). However, tomorrow at the opening, I will have my eyes in ETHQ. The opening is always a key moment while trading Canadian crypto-oriented funds like 3iQ CoinShares Ether ETF (ETHQ). According to my past experiences, I find that the best period to perform day trading on a crypto fund is between the opening, 9:30 am, and noon. If the opening is not good, no need to waste your time. It's better to leave things as are they hard and nope for a better trading day at the next opening. Sometimes, you won't be able to perform your "day trading" moves on the same day. You may not be able to buy and sell at profit on the same day. When it happens, I don't mind holding.

Today was the really first day of Tilray Inc. (TLRY) on the TSX. TLRY closed this first trading day at $19.36. Currently, in my TFSA portfolio, I still have my Aphria Inc. (APHA) shares. My APHA hasn't become Tilray, Inc. (TLRY) yet. I am looking forward to selling at profit this investment. I listened to an interview of Irwin D. Simon, the CEO of Tilray Inc. at BNN's The Open, and I wasn't much impressed by him. Irwin D. Simon doesn't inspire me any confidence. I feel arrogance a lot of freshness when I look at him, when I listen to his speech. I just don't like the man. When a CEO blames everything on the back of the COVID for weak results, for me, that's a problem. During COVID, people increased their consummations of tobacco, alcohol, and probably also weed. COVID is not an excuse for anything. COVID is the excuse coming from lazy CEO like Irwin D. Simon. When I will be able to sell my Tilray Inc. (TLRY) shares at profit, I won't waste any time trust me on that one, I will do so.

Lately, a stock that I also hold inside my TFSA, Nutrien Ltd. (NTR), suddenly decided to (almost) explode in profit. Currently, NTR is on a gain of +15.50% inside my TFSA portfolio. It hasn't been an easy road for Nutrien Ltd. (NTR). Before this company was trading under the name of Agrium and I was extra successful with Agrium, which I really really miss. With Agrium, I was the TSX Queen. For now, I am just a little princess, but that only being until I reached my first $300,000.

As announced in this post title, Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) had a really good day on the TSX today. TIH registered a 7.345% gain. But that's not all, Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) also announced a quarterly dividend increase of 4 cents per share. The generosity here is nothing extreme, but a dividend distribution increased is an increase, no matter what. I always have the biggest crush on Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH). I always knew that I would get rich on Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH), and so do I.

To be a good investor, you don't necessarily need financial knowledge - I don't have any. You just need to have respectful good common sense, and you need to be able to detect the good from the wrong. And Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) is not just only good. Toromont Industries Ltd (TIH) is my angel stock.

Its on stock like TIH that you can get rich - ETF won't offer you the same chances of grow, of extremely good capital gain.

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