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Monday, July 26, 2021

Welcoming my highest net worth EVER: saying a warm hello to a super HOT $315,407.64

It's official, I now had reached my highest net worth ever with a lovely good-looking $315,407.64. I didn't listen much to BNN today, but like always, I listened to The Open and I am glad I did because today, Jon Erlichman interviewed Jean-François Tardif. You can listen to the interview right here.

It's too bad, but my Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL) had been kicked out of Inter Pipeline Ltd. deal. During this morning interview at BNN's The Open, Jean-François Tardif named a few stocks. One of those stocks was AirBoss of America Corp. (BOS). I never heard of that stock before and I find it quite interesting. Basically, BOS is in the "rubber" industry lol. According to Tardif, they have military contracts. BOS overall chart is looking good. AirBoss of America Corp. (BOS) is also very well rank in Stockopedia and the company appears on many screens, which is interesting. I may consider BOS as a potential future investment for my stocks portfolio.

It's just really funny that I had reached today my highest net worth value ever because these days, I am more or less following the stock market and I am more or less watching BNN. And because I am not really into the game these days, I haven't invested in that hot stock that I just keep writing about: PFB Corporation (PFB). And guess what. These days, PFB value just keeps growing and growing. It's a shame that I haven't invest in PFB Corporation (PFB) yet. And the worst thing is that again today, PFB made some interesting gains!

I am just feeling in a strange place right now for some reason with Montreal sky being full of smog. I may check again PFB tomorrow at the opening to see where it is going.

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