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Friday, August 20, 2021

Remember the date: August 27 is my birthday

I hope you are doing well. This is going to be my last post as  40 years old - I will talk to you again once I will be an old 41 - on August 27 - and once I will be back from my vacations :-) I am all in a mix-up situation where I want to visit my family in New Brunswick, but the COVID situation is still here. I am going anyway, but I am not totally feeling at ease with my decision and I am anxious. All I can say is that I am better going now because later on, things could get worst. This is not a fun time for me, but the idea of leaving Montreal for a few days is exciting. 

I am used to many backs and forth during a year between Montreal and X town in New Brunswick and I use to love it. But since COVID hit, the possibility of traveling had been taking away from me. Missing the last hunting season was what choked me the most. For this upcoming season, I hope I will be able to make it. I took again a few vacation days in October. As for Christmas, sincerely, I don't care so much as I really hate to travel during wintertime. For the past couple of months, there's no bus going from Rivière-du-Loup to X, which is another annoying thing. During winter, I wouldn't like my old folks to drive and pick me up there. Everything can become quickly difficult with COVID. The simple things are just not that simple anymore.

This morning, I was listening to BNN's The Open without really watching the TV screen and suddenly, I heard a familiar voice: it was Jean-François Tardif. You can listen to his interview right here.

Justin Trudeau is just not the man of the situation and he's going to break us. I felt quite insulted by his behavior. I never like Trudeau and now, I hate him more than ever before. What he's doing to us brave Canadians is so insulting. He didn't have to put federal elections on our back. On the other hand, knowing that Justin Trudeau is not handling things properly, maybe this is actually a good time for the elections. 

We are also having elections in Montreal, this one is a normal process, however, it's still terribly annoying. With the Montreal elections, I am totally lost. 

Today at BNN, Jean-François Tardif mentioned a stock that I own inside my RRSP portfolio: Quebecor Inc. (QBR.B). QBR.B is down for a reason or another. However, I had been doing well on that stock and it's been from my RRSP portfolio for many years now.

I am watching the TSX from time to time, but I had been busy. With work and at other things. I wanted to clean my computer files and pictures for a really long time and I finally did. And I also wanted to have a backup for my documents, all of my pictures, and videos. After cleaning the mess, I proceed with two back up on two portable storage. One of them I plan to leave in New Brunswick, and I will have the other one with me. I also had many many old diskettes. Many of them are about 20 years old, and a bit less. I was checking on those diskettes and transferring the stuff from the diskettes to my laptop but at a point, a diskette got stuck in the diskette drive and it broke my diskette drive. That diskette drive was really old. Fortunately, they still sell diskette drives. I plan to order one from Amazon once I will be back from my vacation so I can continue the process. It's quite a big job. 

It's crazy the number of things I can accumulate. However, I am doing better with age, be assured, and as I get older I am less and less of a sweet hoarder. For the pictures, I had so many of them, and many duplicates... I also clean my laptop from personal papers. You never know what can happen. Our modern-day being what it is, it's better to remove from your laptop any taxes or any kind of documents that contain personal information.

And that being my good advice of the day.


Anonymous said...

So what are you hoping for your birthday this year? :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Well it is Friday August 27, Happy Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

You can also backup all of your things to the cloud. For example, 2 terrabytes on Google Drive is about $125 Cdn + taxes per year. There are many options though and then you can access it from anywhere and don’t have to worry about fires, etc destroying everything,

Sunny said...

Thank you all. :-)
I am just coming back from a 2 weeks vacation in New Brunswick.

I am just wishing not to get the COVID and a good TSX performance.
I don't remember if I wrote it in this post, but I actually bought two external drives to copy my pictures, videos and documents. After doing a clean up of everything, I did a copy on two drives and I left one of the two in New Brunswick.

I now only have left a bunch of floppy disks to do through. I have many of them and its quite heavy. My floppy drive, which was quite old - stopped working a few days before I left for my vacations so I have to buy a new one and continue the process.

Good idea for the Google Drive, I didn't know they offer that much for data space. Now everything is a lot easier. 20 years ago, with those floppy disks, and super big heavy laptop, and slow Internet, things were not exactly easy.


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