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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Embracing NRGI Ninepoint Energy Income Fund ETF Ser Unit (NEO) in My RRSP Portfolio Along with a 13k Dividend Income!

The TSX Concludes Today's Session at a Promising 20,342.88 Points. My margin account debt has reached $29,680.79. Noteworthy figures from my portfolios include the non-registered portfolio closing at $137,325.36, the US portfolio at $5,387.85, the RRSP stocks-only portfolio at $64,458.49, and the TFSA portfolio at $134,387.88.

Prior to the day's end, I made a choice to invest in several shares of NRGI Ninepoint Energy Income Fund ETF Ser Unit (NEO). Navigating the current complexities of the financial landscape can be quite a challenge. So, why not explore a small investment opportunity in a new energy sector venture? A few days ago, a reader kindly shared a link that provided a comprehensive performance review of BNN's Market Call guests. The standout performer? Eric Nuttall. Presently at the helm of the Ninepoint Energy Income Fund series, Nuttall's track record intrigued me. This led me to ponder, why not indeed? When seeking managed investment, it's imperative to opt for a remarkably skilled manager. This is the narrative that underpins my investment in the Ninepoint Energy Income Fund ETF (NRGI). I hold a positive disposition towards managed ETFs, particularly given the alluring 7% monthly dividend yield that the Ninepoint Energy Income Fund (NRGI) offers.

As a result of this new investment in my RRSP, my annual dividend income has surged to $13,000, even surpassing it by a few dollars. Today brought forth remarkably exciting news for me.

I'm approaching my budget review with a touch of realism, especially regarding my margin account debt repayment. As 2023 winds down, my goal to trim my margin debt has shifted to $23,000, slightly above my previously set target of $20,000. While my budget remains tight, I'm allowing some flexibility, considering essential expenses like new winter boots and unforeseen needs. It struck me that I omitted an upcoming September visit to a dermatologist, a healthcare service that's "free" in Quebec until necessity arises. Though I could have postponed this, it's been on my back burner for far too long. Consequently, I've arranged an appointment with a private practice dermatologist.

Today's technological advancements, including laser treatments, prompt me to believe my minor concerns can be swiftly resolved. The initial consultation comes at a cost of $250, and rest assured, I plan to maximize every penny spent. Jokingly, I'm even looking for a "body quote" for all the improvements I wish to make, even those lacking urgency. As for the upcoming procedure(s), their specifics will only become clear during the consultation. I've allotted $1,500, which seems ample for the priority work I hope to undergo, yet I remain uncertain about the overall expense.

Turning 43 at the end of August, this venture feels like a self-gift for my birthday. Back in May, my comeback to Montreal included a dental appointment, leading to a few necessary procedures. Some of these fell outside my insurance coverage, leaving me with out-of-pocket costs amounting to a couple of hundred dollars. The passage of time certainly comes with its financial demands, and when insurance isn't comprehensive, expenses add up swiftly, particularly in the realm of dental care. $$$ Put gold in that shit mouth.

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Anonymous said...

Cool. I mentioned Nine point a few months ago, when I think you were talking about whitecap or some company like that ???? :):)

But I have no idea what will happen energy stocks....

Sunny said...

Thanks! I probably didn't have enough at that time to invest again in something new. The idea might have stuck in my head somewhere lol
I am now happy to have this one in my portfolio!


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