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Grocery: $280 ($70 per week)
Rent: $680
Internet + Cable: $71.79
CraveTV: $11.49
Cell: $40.24
Weekend money: $10 x 4: $40
Gym membership: $14.38
Laundry tickets: $34
Others: $50

TOTAL: $1 221.90


Anonymous said...

3 years ago, you only had monthly payments of $1,131. Today you have monthly payments of $1,500. That's quite a difference in 3 years (10% annual increased).
That shows just how much more money you will need to retire in 30 years because of inflation. Stocks that pay a high dividend now and doesn't increase them or cut them is no good to keep up with inflation; you need companies that increase their dividend.

Sunny said...

Fact is, I am spending more now than 3 years ago. That's why I started a My Monthly Budget page so I can win back the control. I am spending too much on coffees and eating out, basically. My rent is more expensive too, unfortunately.

But of course, getting my hands on company that increases their dividend overtime will only help for sure.

Its interesting to see how closely you had been watching me. Is there anything else you know about me? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sunny, Jeremy here. Just read your posting about the food budget. If it is any encouragement to you, our family (my wife and 3 kids) live on $350.00 a month for food. Some of our friends who have less kids spend like $800.00. Now, with $350.00, we don't have many fancy dinners and we eat a lot of sandwiches, but it can be done. Although our 16 month old is starting to eat more and more now, so that $350.00 may become $375.00 shortly.

When I was in college, I was able spend only $6.27 one week on food. Sure, it was peanut butter and jam sandwiches for 2 out of 3 meals and dinner was macaroni and mushroom soup, but those were the it can be done for sure...


Sunny said...

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for sharing your monthly grocery budget.

Wow, $350 for a family of 3 kids and 2 adults! It take a lot of discipline to live on a so low amount. But as you say, it can be done.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering where you get internet for $23. a month or is it pay as you go? Thanks Dale.

Sunny said...

Hi Dale,

I am with Videotron for my Internet. I am happy with the service. I got a 12 months deal at that price.

Anonymous said...

If you only have 1,400 in monthly expenses and make over 40k a year, what are you doing with your dividend money

Sunny said...

I dot a lot of stuff with my money!

I invest on a regular basis. I sometime use the money to decrease the amount I own on my margin account.

I use the money to pay for my trips to New Brunswick. I used the money to cover some extras and/or regular living expenses... etc etc etc.

Anonymous said...

no tv? no electricity? very frugal lifestyle

Sunny said...

Television these days is junk.

Electricity is included in my rent.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,
I am surprised you are paying bank fees. Mine fees are usually 7 to 11 dollars a month but I get them all back as the bank credits me those fees monthly. Last year I made a savings or interest of 7.1 percent on the balance I keep in the account.

As for internet, I like you, am paying about the same. I am paying 23.39 dollars per month, billed twice a year. I have had my email addresses and this price for the passed ten years.

My cellphone bill is 25 plus tax every month and will not be any higher.

Living simply is the only way to go. Chat with you again soon.


Anonymous said...

Oops I forgot about television...its free.
It has always been free.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny:

I hit this page after reading your 6.2 Blog.

Noticed the $23 internet and wanted to shar my experience - I too had my internet down to $24 I think it was - the 12 months came due and I played same game of I am going to go to competitors unless you keep it the same - - they would only give me the best deal they had that matched competiton - bascially said - leave if you have to cos there is no better price - - got talking with the phone lady and she said real trick is to keep watching watching watching the deals -and do NOT wait til the 12 months is up - in fact if after 7 months you see better deal from someone - you call them and make them match and it lasts for 12 months. Now i pay $32 but I am watching - not locked in for 12 months and pray fro price war

Sunny said...

Thanks for sharing your saving tips.

Money never stay very long in my banking account. It goes over stock purchase or paying down my margin, that always is going up no matter what I do...

:) said...

That is very impressive. The most women I know don't like finance issues and don't like talk about saving money and investing.

How many proposals of marriage do you get per day? :-) said...

Your frugality and your income by dividends are very impressive. The most people I know don't like finance issues like investing. The women are more desinterested than the men. How many proposal of marriage do you get per day? :-)

Sam from The Nude Investor said...

Nice that you still keep such a simple, non-extravagant lifestyle even though you now have over 200K in assets. Great to see.


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