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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Discovering Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) via Stockopedia

We had a disastrous and grey weekend and now, the weather is just way too hot, and tomorrow is going to be just worst. Its the perfect time to hit out at the gym right after work because I really cannot stand the weather outside. Its just very awful.

My non-registered portfolio closed at $140 643.86, but that's only because I continue what I began on June 24. I sell again a few stocks, actually 2 today: PGF and CPG. I wanted to sell those 2 for a long time and now it had been done. I registered a small capital loss, which might be less than 1k. I wrote it somewhere. I am now using $64 701.67 of my margin money. My TFSA closed the session at 
$39 914.01. I cannot wait to hit on the 40k in there.

I continue having fun with Stockopedia, which I talked about yesterday. I went through lists and lists of stocks. Here is what I try to find while browsing Stockopedia. I want to play, but I don't want to lose money.

-NO penny stock - nono for now.
-I try to find stock that exceed the value of the pre-2008 stock crash and I am looking for a perfect high rocket chart - nothing else. I want perfection.
-Company paying a reasonable dividend (the yield shouldn't be too high, if not, I find its a sign of a bad management).
-Companies that have a good "StockRank" - its a feature related to Stockopedia.
-A few screens feature if possible.
-A good "magic formula" - another feature you'll find while browsing stock on Stockopedia.

Stockopedia gives user access to many stocks. My old Sugar Rogers - which I really hate - appear in a few screening.... And of course, that along make me doubt of the good being of some screenings. Anyhow, you should see Stockopedia and simply ignore the stocks that you don't like anymore - like for myself - Rogers Sugar.

I spent number of hours. And once again, Stockopedia is interesting. Its a tool. But you should consider making your investment decisions while respecting your own logic, the same way you do usually. I think that's really important. don't underestimated yourself over a "machine". Heart and reasons are the best tools of all.

And to continue on the same note little critic, if Stockopedia would be that powerful, the founders wouldn't be out there still working 9 to 5, simple as that. Once you find something of interest go check it on the TSX web site, just to make sure that the essential info - like chart and dividend match to what is on Stockopedia. Not that it doesn't match, but don't rely on anyone else than yourself for any decisions you'll make. I saw some dividend info that didn't match actually.

Ok, so before I try to go to sleep, here are the two marvelous stocks that I really want my readers to learn about:

Morguard North American Residential Real Estate Investment Trust (MRG.UN)
Park Lawn Corporation (PLC)

PLC is very interesting. Since I still have about 3k cash inside my RRSP, I may invest a bit in PLC tomorrow. As for MRG.UN if you feel like playing on the market and want to do a quick buy and sell, well, I cannot promise anything - but this could be a good one.

I lost track of the contribution room left for my TFSA. Until I figure it out, I may play on my margin, just for fun and we'll see if Stockopedia is the kind of thing that can do me well. Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) had been around since 1892. This one is for Gothic investors. I am a Gothic investor now I guess.

While browsing Stockopedia, I also but aside the following Canadian tickets. Are you ready? There you go:


I just save you hours of work!

HWD is another interesting stock. And also RPI.UN.

At a point, I really came to the conclusion that I already have a portfolio jam pack of very very good Canadian stocks. I just need to keep on moving and I will be sitting on a 200k net worth in no time. What are those very good stocks? Subject to be talk again later.


Ronni said...

Have you looked at Go Easy (GSY)? It's looking rather interesting although it's small.

Sunny said...

Hi Ronni,

You can find better than GSY, this one won't become one of my favorite.


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