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Saturday, April 4, 2009

My top performers: Pembina Pipeline Income Trust and Crestsreet Alternative Energy Fund

I didn’t calculate my overall value for quite a time (like do I really care), but I did it intentionally, knowing I might be close to the same amount of money – still after several weeks of waiting for the TSX to come up again. The market had move a lot like always, but no drastic change still in my portfolio. Pembina and Crestsreet are the exception for the rule and they are both very, extraordinary amazing.

Pembina and Crestsreet Alternative Energy Fund are about the only 2 investments who had took some value in my portfolio and I am still impress by the fact that, well, it had taking some value!!!! LOL.

I was very proud of my choices: purchasing 100 units of Pembina Pipeline Income Trust was one of the best ideas I ever had. I purchased 100 units of PIF.UN back on March at 12$. For now, each unit worth 13.42$. Since that time, the highest Pembina reach was something like 14.50$. I was like wow! Like its way too much fun! And for each unit, I earn 1.56$ per year, as the annual dividend is of 1.56$ per unit.

In date of April 3, my 1 000$ initial investment made in Crestsreet Alternative Energy Fund now worth 1 042$! I just hope it will continue this way. It’s seem like in my portfolio, Crestsreet Alternative Energy Fund had taken the place of Sprott Canadian Equity Fund. But that’s now wanted from me. It’s just how things went by.

For me (a while ago lol), Sprott Canadian Equity Fund was the "investment" or was supposed to be the one. Sprott Canadian Equity Fund was supposed to be my mine of gold. But nothing happen. Instead, I lost half of the money I invest in it and I am just upset about it. Anyhow, there is no – officially – no "money lost" until the investment is being sold, so for now, I stick and hold. But eventually, the goal would be to make a huge amount of cash from Sprott and than sell it to purchase high dividend paying stocks. But the question that remain is if Sprott Canadian Equity Fund still represent a good investment and to this question well, I do not have the answer.

Rock on :)


planetted said...

When you get to that 50,000, go out and spend some of it on spelling and grammar lessons.

Sunny said...

That's very mean of you, to write me such things. I am French Canadian and I write in English for fun. But you are write about spelling and grammar lessons lol. Couldn't hurt, I guess... :) I just need some improvement.

NishNosh said...

Mon francais est tres mauvais! But the other poster should "get a life". The Web is multilingual and multicultural and was built on the spirit of co-operation and contribution. It may be a good idea for Ted to read Tim Berners-Lee's background to WWW. Sunny - your Anglais is better than Google Translation too (for now!) :)

Sunny said...

Hi NishNosh,

I see my blog as a nice way to entertain myself as I went through many things lately, and I guess I am not the only one out there writing in a basic English. It's a more "authentic" writing, from my point of view. Blogging is fun and it's a nice way to learn a second language.

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