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Saturday, February 28, 2009

My first article submitted to Associated Content got rejected

But good news: it wasn’t because of my poor writing skills (!!!). It’s just I had that idea to write a bit on the new Air Miles toolbar that allow users to collect Air Miles through Yahoo! Search. From there, no problems, until I submit the article – which got rejected. But I had the possibility to re-submit the article – but enough is enough, I work 5 hours on that little article lol. Gees! That’s why I post the article write here on my blog - Collecting Air Miles through Yahoo! search engine: the dream now reality. But I won’t be able to re-submit the same article to AC.

I find very cute, like the way its sound, like I am all excited about Air Miles and stuff. Just another marvelous-marvelous post of mine.

Other than getting rejected on my really first submission (which I will explain the reasons for – I didn’t read the guidelines submissions first – part one), I find Associated Content very interesting. It’s a nice way to earn a little extra income via the Internet – way better than just a way-too-boring pay-per-click program!

Unfortunately for me, because I am in Canada – Associated Content do not pay as much as if I will be a US member. It’s part of the reason why I decide just to post the article on my blog – like whatever lol. But I will try again to submit an article to AC later on.

My article got rejected because I insert a Web site address in it. That’s all.

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