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Saturday, November 17, 2012

And how about a $12 special dividend by McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd. (MHR)?

I just add a new page to my blog name My Monthly budget. Now that I clear off my American Express because their wonderful 0.99% interest rate had come to an end, I want to control my expenses so I can just invest MORE MORE MORE. I have to stick to that budget.

I only have 2 Christmas gifts to purchase. Once my bus ticket will be purchase, I will be pretty close to the $600 in expenses. Now you know why hot chick needs the dividend cash flow. I NEED IT AND I WANT IT. Lol.

Yesterday when I checked my TD Waterhouse account, my data appears differently. I could see in an instant on which investment I did very good and on which I have done very bad lol. And when I checked again today, I had the old display in my portfolio. The only thing negative is that you can only view the account value in real time. The past market view seem to have disappeared. Anyhow, I prefer the new view, it provides more data on how good and how bad the portfolio is doing. In my case, my overall non registered portfolio is at a MINUS 6%. It’s not so bad knowing the market situation. Even my Fortis (FTS) went down a little.

Now is the perfect time to invest in blue chips like TD bank, Fortis, all those good stuff. Now is not the time to invest in volatile stuff like Sprott (SII), Just Energy (JE) and the other ones name by a reader in a previous comment. Now is the time to secure your portfolio.

This is quite funny and interesting. Ok, here at the Dividend Girl we have invested in HRX ONLY to  get our hands on the 5$ special dividend which was just TO HOT just to get away without it. So I invested in some stocks of that company and now, guess what, McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd. (MHR) is joining the POW-WOW by offering NOT $5 but $12 per stock in form of SPECIAL DIVIDEND. I am in for a $500 investment. The stock seems to be strong and offer a strong value and what else can I say if not that I AM IN BABY. I am in.

And to be in you have to invest in McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd. (MHR) at least 3 business days BEFORE November 27, 2012. To be sure of the limit date to invest in MHR, contact your broker.

Personally speaking, MHR will bring in it something new around because I don’t hold nothing really in term of publishing if not Data Group.

Thanks to the blogger Not working for the super hot tip.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My American Express credit card balance is about to be paid off REAL soon

I wasn’t expecting the money so soon, but I actually received the money of my provincial court appearance in New Brunswick. I received a cheque, which I am going to do a photocopy of a frame as a souvenir that well, you know, I am a fighter and you truly don’t know me. I am might had scared them to death. The other party was represented by a lawyer, I wasn’t. But it’s not because I didn’t have a lawyer that I was to let it go. In my world, you need to give me what I want. And what I want is what I get. LOL. 

This is great because I am going to have enough to money to pay off entirely my American Express. I have that special interest rate at 0.99% good until December 7. I am going to pay it all by the end of the week. I am waiting for a paycheck this week, so I am even going to have a leftover to put on my margin account.  

These days, the stock market is very rough. I did a risky investment move in Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) earlier this week, but I don’t regret it. I was very aware from the start. Special dividends are the invisible diamonds that I wear every single day. How in the world can a girl, especially a Dividend girl by the way, resist the temptation of receiving a 5$ special dividend? Explain please. There’s no explanation to be provided, you must know the girl by now. It’s kind of wild, isn’t?

My investment in Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) will provide me close to $300. It will barely be enough to cover my Christmas gifts, my bus ticket to New Brunswick and Gravol pills for the run. Its feeling great to be able to clear up the balance on my American Express. Their 0.99% interest rate for one year or something like it was very generous. Thank you, American Express credit card!
My money problem is quickly being resolved. I will be back in the investment game in December! One thing doesn’t wait for the other one. At this time, I want to secure my portfolio. The only way to secure it would be to pay off that 50k margin that I have on my non registered portfolio. Nicely said, but do I only earn 50k in a one year salary? The answer is NO. Until I married a rich man or until I finished dead rich – until that time – we’ll have to take it one step at a time. I always had been an extra lucky girl. I even should get a few bucks from my freelance work by the end of December. My American Express is my only consumer debt. Being able to get rid of it is a blessing. What I need now is a few more weeks (not to say YEARS) of full-time employment work and I will be just fine. 

In other words: don’t expect me quitting the workforce anytime soon.

Bye for now.

Welcome in my portfolio Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX)!

I made my move this past Monday morning when the stock was at more than $13. It hasn't been even 3 days that Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) closed down. This is a tricky one. Its probably my last risky investment... I wouldn't like be sitting in your place right now. But at the same time, being a Dividend girl reader = lot of surprises among the way! ahah

In case you wonder what I am doing blogging during daytime, I am not fired yet, I am on my laptop enjoying a one hour + 15 minutes lunch.

I have my American Express to paid off my December 7. I have like $2 700 to clear off. I still have a bit of time. While being in this mess, I totally forgot the most important thing of all: welcoming Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) in my portfolio. So there you go Héroux: WELCOME in my portfolio Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX)! Come on in, gave me my 5 bucks per share and make me happy :)

The stock market is not doing well at all. That's why I bring my laptop with me this morning. I wanted to take a quick look at things. Europeans have problem accepting the fact that they will have to live the next few years on an austerity mode. Is Canada any better? Harper government is sooo uncapable of anything. And while our deficit is growing under the power of that jerk of Stephen Harper, the TSX is going down.

I Promise I won't play the stock market ever ever again.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) declared a special dividend of 5 bucks per share

Looking to make a quick and easy $500? I may have exactly what you need.

I didn’t know about this company until 5 minutes ago. It’s quite a benefit to be bilingual. I just completed the reading of an article of La Presse published online. You can read it here. In that article, we learn that Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) occupies the third rank in its industry (f landing gear systems), that the company did very well lately and that, best of all, the board of directors had decided to be extra generous, maybe even too generous, by giving away $5 per share in special distribution.

Being a business owner, I wouldn’t be that generous. But what the heck, Quebeckers can be sooo strange with no logic at all and I think they are more than well-known for their extremely poor judgement. And we, ladies and gentlemen, the very bright Canadians, its our duty to take advantage of the stupidity of our enemies. Just go for it.

So here’s how to make a quick $500: Invest in 100 stocks Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) at least 3 business days BEFORE November 20. I recommend investing in Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) by November 14 the latest. I highly recommend contacting your broker in order to not to mess out with the deal and just to make sure that November 14 is a good date to qualify for the special dividend. The date you invest in HRX is super important; it will determine if you qualify or not for the special dividend.

Am I going to invest in Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX)? Well, you must know me by now, special dividend is kind of being my thing and yes, of course, I am going to invest in Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX), a company that decided to blow their money in the hand of their investors by paying a terribly high $5 per share.

I don’t know if you are getting it at this point, but this is how to make an easy $500. Here’s the trick: invest in 100 shares Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) by November 14 (that date need to check with your broker PLEASE), hold the investment until November 21. You ABSOLUTELY need to hold Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) the whole day on November 20. That’s super important. If you want to quickly sell Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX); that will have to wait until the morning of November 21. 

Following what, on December 19, you’ll received a fantastic $500 in cash! This is super important: if you have an automatic DRIP for everything that you have in your account, follow the following. Following the purchase of your 100 stocks of HRX, once the purchase operation is completed, call your broker and ask them to remove the DRIP exclusively on the title of Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX). Why? If you don’t do so, the 500$ earn in term of special dividend will simply roll over and DRIP. And trust me you don’t want that to happen because between you and me, you are in EXCLUSIVELY for the cash, not for extra shares!

Christmas is coming and an extra $500 is just what I need to pay my bus ticket Montreal-X town in New Brunswick and for a few gifts for my old folks.

Got it now? LOL. This is how to make easy money on the market. The Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) title appears to be quite volatile. I will try to sell off the investment as soon as possible by setting an automatic sell order. 

WARNING: be aware that things could get complicated and you could get stuck with Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) following November 20, even if you set up an automatic sell order. Problem being that starting November 21, HRX could trade at a lower value than what you actually paid the investment for. See what I mean? That’s part of the game.

You know my financial situation. I am 100% investment. I do not hold cash. I live paycheck per paycheck and I actually have a balance of $2 700 on my American Express at 0.99%. That 0.99% was a special offer that’s going to expire on December 7. 

Just to make it shorter: I don’t have fresh new cash available.

However, I have an option. Now that I have a permanent job, I could possible asked TD Visa to increase my limit to $10 000. That will give me room to transfer the $2 700 I have on my Amex over to TD Visa. The best part being that TD Visa currently offers me 1.9% on credit card transfer. Kind of nice, isn’t? So if that work, I am going to invest in 100 stocks of Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX) following (this week is payday at work). If my plan doesn’t work, I am only going to invest in 50 shared of Héroux-Devtek Inc. (HRX). 

And to tell you the true, I feel much more comfortable going on with a 50 shares rather than 100. But between getting $250 or a free $500, I prefer the free $500, thank you. Free money is never enough.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I am going to invest again someday. Later.

Despite the Sandy Hurricane, the stock market went up for a couple of days. At a point, my non registered portfolio even exceeds the so wanted 125k! Completely exhausted, I wasn’t able to publish an update of the overall portfolio. I taught that this was going to continue until Friday, so I didn’t really push it. My last portfolio update was done... in August! Oh my! Anyway, I was wrong.

This past Friday, the TSX lost more than 100 points. Too bad. I really miss my chance to publish a very awesome update. I was quite disappointed when I saw the TSX falling like that. These days, we have some real problem to have just a couple of days of positive in the TSX territory. It’s getting harder and harder and the harder it get; it became really important to pick the right stocks for a super-super volatile market.

The stock market is not the best place to be. If I would be a millionaire, I would be investing only 30% of my fortune, not even more. It’s too hard.

The next best thing

I have a real thing for Black Diamond Group Limited (BDI). It seems to me that this one is a typical Western Canada company: very rich and very successful and I don’t feel any danger in investing a 1k or around of my very own pure money.

Did you saw my pictures in the last post? Quite hilarious! Ahah! I love hunting. Poor little bird.

This hilarious babe has some real debt to take care ok. I have paid my $1 700 BMO MasterCard, but I don’t have any money left to invest and I even have to take a bit on my broker margin account to pay it all completely. But the overall numbers look ok. Its just I won’t be able to invest for the next 3 months.

My non registered portfolio is at a good $124 496.23 (I taught I was going to close at 123k Friday!)
I have used $51 955.83 on my margin account.
I have left $16 991.79 on the same margin.

I received $705.84 in dividend this month. Great, but I need more more more!

I am trying to keep my margin at not more than 50k to keep it safe. At more than 51k, I am a bit too high. However, I will be able to get it back down to 50k by the middle of December. However, I have another problem on the way...

Remember I had the rate of 0.99% on my American Express? Well, that’s going to end somewhere on December 7 or so. And how much have I ranked it up? I have a balance of $2 462.04 on my American Express that I need to pay by December 7. After that date, the interest rate will be of something like 20%. Pretty scary!

By the end of December, my margin will be down to 50k. I will have to use a little bit more than 1k on my TD credit line at 8.75%. I will try to paid it as quickly as possible. However, December is the month of Christmas and in my world, that’s an expensive month.

I have proceed this week with a credit card balance transfer of $7 500 at 2.99% with TD Visa. I have a limit of 8k on it. Which mean I have left like $500 on it. And guess what! TD Visa is offering me a credit card balance transfer of not 2.99%, but 1.99% on the remaining $500 left!

Isn’t amazing?

Really soon, that TD Visa of mine is going to be FULL.

TD Bank must really love me.

You now know why I am not going to invest anytime soon. I have a new 6k in my TD Waterhouse RRSP. That money came from RBC. That was my response to their increased of 3% of my RBC credit line. Now, I have a 6k that is waiting to be invested. I taught of maybe some stocks of TD, but I really don’t have anything in mind, if not that Saskatchewan mutual fund that Derek Foster talked about in his latest book.

Not having Derek Foster fully invested in Canadian dollars is not the best because I now have less inspiration. I want the same thing that he hold, but it has to be Canadian baby. And I am disappointed by Jean-François Tardif who decided he was going to play low motion.

Anyway, the stock market really really suck. Getting a break until January 2013 doesn’t disappoint me. I have enough of stocks to follow, trust me on that one. And I also a bit of freelance coming in. Eventually, I am thinking of searching for other contracts, but I am missing the energy and the time. An individual cannot do it all, follow a 50+ stocks company portfolio, work full time, entertain a blog and doing a bit of freelance on the side. I mean at a point, the bitch have to be a wonderwoman. And I am a f wonderwoman. I am the best bitch of the universe ahah. Did I scare you?

I am going to the movie again. I want to see Cloud Atlas.

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