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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My search for RRSP solution continue

I just don't want to be stuck like last year, being at the last minute to invest in my RRSP. I might try to invest in December. My day contract will end on December 4, so I will have time after that to do the little things I need to do.

Last year, for my RRSP, I went to Manuvie and I buy distinct funds. I sign for a period of 20 years. I will a future post on distinct funds and I will explain further why I pick distinct funds last year for my RRSP.

On of the reason is that I am searching for risk free investments for my RRSP. Since I don't have right now a stable situation, I have been going on like that on contract since I graduate, I am looking for risk free, capital guarantee investment. And exception for that might be Canadian dividends. The BMO Dividends appears to me to be a good one. I might invest half of the amount in Canadian Dividends (in a mutual fund) and the other half in a save money pocket product.

I continue my search for capital guaranteed product and it's exhausting me, since I don't want to rely only on advisor advice for this. It's my money and I want to make sure I am making the right decision. I have something like more than 5 000$ to play with for my RRSP. The question that still remains to me is: where should invest my RRSP money?

I know distinct funds fees are pretty high, but since a contract is sign, that include a specific period of time (for mines, I sign for about 20 years if I remember), I felt more safe about the investment.

Money in mutual funds still remains mysterious for me. I know the money is put at my name, put where's really the money? Is there a risk it can be stole? That's what I am really concern about. But at the same time, after noticing that some mutual funds have millions and millions put in them, I told myself that if their some many people who invest money in mutual funds, that's mean that they are safe products. But am I right? By safe product, I mean no one can touch the money except me, and that the money I gain from the funds remains mine, even if it's not money that I have in my bank account.

I am having the same scaring thoughts about stocks. What if the system crack down and loose everyone name and amount of money the people had made so far. Can this is something that could happen at any time? I just think too deeply and stocks and mutual funds still remain mysterious for me, even if I had bought my first mutual fund in 2005. I am just a beginner trying to make my way out, but comforting me by saying that millions of other person are doing the same thing as me and are making money not only from mutual funds, but also stocks, there should be no fear. The only thing is the fear remains and I believe it will still remains until I truly understand what stocks and mutual funds are really about.


canuck said...

i think sunny with mutual funds and i have them , it is the fact they are expensive, make sure that there is a dividend which i know you will. i have had some good funds and some really bad ones. what i dont like about most of them is that you have to sign up for at least 6 years or there is a penalty in cashing in...if stocks are going down and you want out..most mutual funds are tied to the stock market.

Sunny said...

Wow! 6 years!!! Way too long! I am quite surprise. This post was back in 2007. Back than, I wasn't into stocks, just mutual funds and GICs. Time pass quickly, isn't?


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