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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Segregated funds of Manuvie

Last year, for my RRSP, I invest in segregated funds. It's seemed to be a good solution at first my RRSP. It's still is, at least for me. I have been reading, previously before about segregated funds, but they don't seem to be that much popular. One of the reasons for this is the high MER fees for the segregated funds. Some can reach 3.75%.

The reason why I invest with them is because I choose, for some funds, the "capitalisateur" option. I know in a year they will give an extra few bucks on the fund in a couple of years and the initial placement is 100% protect. I am a little bit confused about the "capitalisateur" option because I did that placement almost a year ago and I didn't really get through the documentation. Anyway, at the time, what was important for me is that the initial deposit was 100% protect for 2 segregated funds I pick. For the 3 other one, the initial investment is protect at 75%.

I read in Canadian Business that it wasn't a smart thing to invest in segregated funds because of their high fees. I post a new thread in Canadian Business. My posts can be see under "myfirst50000". I had post a thread were I call segregated funds "distinct funds" because in French, segregated funds are call "fonds distincts". It's just hilarious. I am practicing my English online in a very funny way. Or maybe should I write in French, but it will be very less challenging...

The question that still remains for me tonight is: which placement to choose from for my RRSP?

I am asking the question quite early, but I would like to place the money in RRSP at the beginning of January 2007. There's still time, but last year, I was busy like I am right now and I have wait at the last minute to place my money in the RRSP and it was quite frustrating after that to wait for the paper for the tax and everything.

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