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Friday, December 14, 2007

I just received a 50 cents augmentation at my second job

So for now on, instead of 9.50$, I am getting paid 10$ per hour. lol :)

What I used to like about that job it's that the hours were flexible. Right now, it's not the case, and I can only work there 2 days per week, only when I don't work at my other job. So I can only work 13 hours weekly, at 10$, which make 130$, minus taxes... It's make a little extra.

I paid a 900$ debt that I had in my TD credit lign, so any extra money is welcome, especially during Christmas.

I continue my search for the best investment for my RRSP. I also need to open an account at RBC, in order to buy the mutual funds that I want.

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