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Sunday, December 9, 2007

I will be able to invest 5 500$ in my RRSP this year after all

It's now my third week as a customer representative for a cell phone company. I have been through a too short 2 weeks training before beginning the job for real. Not that the job is that complicated, but there's a lot of things to learn and it's been a little bit hard on me since I didn't know anything about cell phone before I begin. Basically, the job is about answering customer calls and answers their request regarding the service they have for their cell phone.

The job pay 12$ per hour. Overtime is being paid 15$. I have been able to add my other job with that in my schedule. I did a lot of money during my 2 weeks period at the job as a customer representative because I have been able to work on a full-time at the 2 jobs at the same time. But only for 2 weeks. Once my regular hours came out from the cx representative job, I had hours all over the place, sometimes 10 am to 20 pm, other times 15 pm to midnight, etc... It's harder to put the second job in my schedule, but I hope to work at least 2 full-day per week at the second job, so I will be able to make at last 500$ after taxes. That's what my plan is about for now.

I will now be able to but that 5 500$ in my RRSP. I am currently looking for mutual funds and other in which I could invest that RRSP money.

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