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Friday, December 25, 2009

Investment made easy and… sexy

Or about my strategy to reach the 100 000$ in assets for 2010

Forget about pals with MBA… I am a middle class worker with basically no education lol and I am proud of it. And guess what – my prediction for 2010: I will definitely reach the 100 000$ in assets. If you fully want to understand how, you better read this post. It contains valuable information on how I plan to do it.

I decide I wouldn’t let my chance to reach the 100 000$ in assets for 2010 run away! At first, reaching the 100 000$ can seen as an impossible goal. But it’s not. This 100 000$ is truly achievable because I had been thinking the whole thing from different angles and no matter from which angles I take, I have to confess, I do not see any restriction or any reason why I couldn’t reach the 100 000$ in assets in 2010. So why not? Let’s do it!

Here is the plan:

In date of December 5th, 2009. I own 63 653.01$ in fabulous assets. And in date of December 25, I own even more, because the TSX had gain significant points on December 24, my stocks and units investment portfolio alone had gain 348.91$. Isn’t sexy gains?

Back on December 5th, the value of my stocks and units portfolio alone was of 36 661.08$. On date of December 25th, the value of the same portfolio is of 37 009.99$. I am taking those gains as Christmas gifts.

Currently, the overall value of my entire portfolio might be around 64 200$.

100 000$ - 64 200$ = 35 800$

I am missing 35 800$ in order to reach my goal. Got the picture? But wait…

Between January 2010 and March 2010, I plan to save 2 000$ per month for my RRSP:
2 000$ x 3 = 6 000$

35 800$ - 6 000$ = 29 800$

In 2010, I will probably earn 3 000$ from dividend distributions of my current portfolio:

29 800$ - 3 000$ = 26 800$

I have 9 months, the period covering April 2010 to December 2010 to add 26 800$ to my portfolio. This represents the amount of 2 977.78$ per month for 9 months… Quite a lot of money. My top contribution can be of 2 000$ per month. This mean that I will be probably missing 8 800.02$ to reach my goal. But… Since my portfolio is diversified, I am expecting a grow of my portfolio of around 8% for the year 2010:

64 200$ x 8% = 5 136$

8 800.02$ - 5 136$ = 3 664.02$

I will be missing 3 664.02$ to make it happen. But…

During the year 2010, I will earn new dividend from my new investments. And I like to believe that the amount of those new dividends will be of 3 664.02$ or that the interest grow of my entire investment portfolio will be more than 8%...

There’s nothing sure about this 100 000$ goal of mine. I definitely need a good market situation, I need to keep working at my 2 jobs and if not, looking for a third source of incomes. I do not really care of what it will take me. But 2010 will be the year of the 100 000$. Believe it or not. I had to let everyone know about this.

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