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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Money talk: I now own 61 095.40$ in assets

I didn’t think I was going to reach the 60 000$ in assets by the end of 2009, but I did… with the help of leverage. So I am now at 61 095.40$, believe it or not lol… I am very happy with the whole thing. The stock market is not too bad, companies continue to pay dividend… I am in a perfect position right now to achieve whatever I want in my financial life. My dream would be to have a 6 figures portfolio by the end of 2010. If the market remain relatively stable and if I continue working at the jobs I have right now, and if I continue to follow Derek Foster tips and tricks well, I could be in a good shape to reach the 100 000$ value investment portfolio in 2010. It’s not impossible, truly achievable. So as you can see, the reading of Derek Foster 4 books had been quite helpful!

I am aware of the situation of the .UN investments I hold. Derek Foster had actually written an article about it in one of his newsletter. I am not afraid for PIF.UN, either JE.UN. But regarding YLO.UN, BA.UN, I am not too sure what to thing. Thanks to our fantastic federal government (lol!), I have a lot to worry about. This is about MY dividend. It’s my earnings we are talking about right now… lol…. Since I don’t know what to do, and since I have purchase all of those beautiful .UN investment, in the meantime, I will enjoy their juicy dividend.

I make another investment purchase this week with 300 units of Enbridge Income Fund (ENF.UN). I know… another .UN investment… But since Derek Foster had this investment himself, I told myself, why not? Some follow Buffet, Eric Sprott or other superstar of the market, but me, My First 50 000$ kind of girl, follow Derek Foster. And it work!

Need any examples of my success because I carefully follow Derek Foster tips and tricks? Here we go:

-I invest in some PGF.UN, got some dividend (an average of 50$ per month for a couple of months), but when the company cut their dividend for the third or second time for a dividend of 7 cents per month… I was done with PGF.UN.. I sell, and I make a profit, small still, but a profit is a profit, out of the sell.

-I invest in PIF.UN. And currently, I gain more than 1 000$ out of my investment! And PIF.UN provide an annual dividend of 1.56$ per unit!!!

-This week, I invest in 300 units of ENF.UN and the next day, my gain were more than 75$. In date of December 5th, I gain more than 100$ from this investment – and it’s only been a week.

-I invested in LIV.UN a while ago, earn dividend for a little while. After they cut their dividend, I was tired of having LIV.UN in my portfolio… So I sell, and make a profit (small, but still, a profit is a profit) out of the sell…

-I never lost any money by following Derek Foster tips and tricks! This is true!

So I truly appreciate Derek Foster books for all of those reasons. 2010 will be the year where we will be able to discover more about the market and find out if my idea of following Derek Foster was good or not… But so far so good!

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