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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Emera awesome dividend!

I am writing this post from my iPod... I am out of laptop. I do not have computer problems on a regular basis, but now, things are pretty bad. I had problems since Sunday night, when I got the good idea to delete some programs of my computer to free some space. I might had delete something I shouldn't because even with an Internet connexion, I cannot access the Internet.. Lol!!!! It's just so hilarious in some way. I spot a mini laptop that I wanted for a long time. I might get it tomorrow morning, depending of my mood. My dividend income are doing well. I received 66.30$ from Emera and 48.34$ from Bell Aliant! I like my iPod, but writing on it on a long term basis is giving me a headache. Seem like overtime is over at work, I should be able to concentrate a bit more on my portfolio and my online stuff.

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