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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am now a new iPod owner!

I got my iPod 8GB! (The same one as advertise right over there!) It wasn’t easy to set it up. But that’s only because of me – my computer hard drivers are over loaded. I get rid of some programs I didn’t use for quite some time. And than it finally started to work! I got this iPod for free at work. The only thing I will be looking to buy is a case for it. The iPod do not come with a charger – its charge itself within 10 minutes on a computer. But a charger can be purchase separately.

I took a picture of myself with it and than I realize how that my hair look… strange (and I am desperately in need of a hair cut too!!). I can see 2 different colors in my hair: the great red coloration and my roots (my natural color). For now, I got tired of dying my hair so I decide not to color my hair anymore but such decision had a direct effect on myself, in the sense that I don’t like my hair right now and I prefer not to look to closely at the picture… It won’t be post here. I delete it. Just to conclude on this word: getting rid of an hair coloration is not an easy thing.

I wasn’t able to use the Wifi of my new iPod but I am going to bring it with be tomorrow and try to use it downtown Montreal to see I it actually work. I will also take pictures… Just can’t wait!

Things are going to be a bit rough for another investment this month. I am still waiting for my paycheck – I should get it by midnight or so. Problem being that after this pay, I will be receiving another one but… the problem being that I need to have enough to pay my December rent. So I prefer to wait next month before placing another investment.

And talking about investment, the iPod touch has a functionality allowing user to check the stock market. You can enter first your tickets, and within the power of a touch, check how well – or how bad lol… – your investments are doing. But to do this, the Wifi need to be working… I wasn’t able to set my tickets yet but I will be looking forward to do that tomorrow. I guess the best is to go with an iPhone because there’s no Wifi everywhere but I have to say, being disconnected sometimes from the stock market cannot hurt. And especially now knowing I have so much to pay for…

Take a look for yourself. Here’re the ugly bills:
-6.36$ on a Visa (I guess this was a little left over when I proceed with my latest credit card balance transfer).
-100.12$ on one of my credit line
-59.49$ on another Visa
-63$ on another credit line
-107$ on another credit line
-103$ on another credit line


And not to forget my rent… 555$ (but all included)…

No, there will be no upcoming investment for the month of November! What was I thinking? :0)))))

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