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Saturday, December 6, 2014

In New Brunswick, killing people = life prison sentence. In Quebec murder and life don't mean much

In New Brunswick, when an individual commit murder, the sentence is life prison. There's no fool play, even if the individual is completely insane and out of his mind.Quebec has its tragedy with Guy Turcotte, and we in New Brunswick got ours with Justin Bourque.

In Moncton New Brunswick on June 4th, 2014, Justin Bourque, a man in his young twenties, had killed three RCMP officers and had left two others injured. Bourque was an anarchist and in many ways, I find a connection between the murderer and Amir Khadir Quebec Solidaire group. Like all of the very dumb people of Quebec Solidaire, Jules Bourque was an anarchist, thinking that our government is oppressive. Well, to that I can only say, go live in China, Japan, or Middle East, you'll see who's being really oppressive... In Canada, its possible for men and women to have a job, live in dignity. Its possible here to make savings - something that is almost impossible to do for the middle class living in Europe and other part of the world. And best of all, we have one of the most powerful stock market of the world. What else can you need? Why an individual would kill police officers in the name of liberty?

Like Guy Turcotte, Justin Bourque is mentally ill. Both are suffering from psychological disorders.

In New Brunswick, Justin Bourque got sentence life prison. In Quebec, Guy Turcotte who had killed his two children - is currently in LIBERTY while waiting for his SECOND trial. In a society - even in my dear New Brunswick - there's f up people. But problems are very major when its the whole provincial system that is all mess up. Quebec province is showing multiple signs of failure and I am only prouder to be a New Brunswicker. Because in New Brunswick, we know how to treat murderer. We don't need to give a second trial to make people understand that taking the life of other is WRONG. At least, it is being seen that way in New Brunswick.

I don't feel safe living in Quebec because I know the system doesn't work in favor of its citizen. And its for that reason that I still have my New Brunswick health card. If I would become seriously ill, I will go to New Brunswick. Quebec institutions, including hospitals, are all insane and corrupt. And that doesn't matter if in Quebec tax are higher than in the rest in Canada. It doesn't matter because Quebeckers don't care on how much corruptible their system is. Where the money of my tax goes? It goes in the pocket of a government that doesn't do is duty. It goes in the pocket of doctor who don't do their best to cover the minimum care required for the population.

If I am never sick and I am in good health condition - I have this because I am not being followed by the Quebec health system. Hospitals, doctors waiting room are not getting sufficient proper cleaning. By going there, you expose yourself to high dose of risks. Also, doctors in Quebec are tempt to make their patients goes on all kind of check up just so they can get a higher pay. They are corrupted. They are not there to look on your health.

Its really important for immigrants and outsiders to look for themselves while living in Quebec and take all precautions needed because Quebeckers are very dangerous and corruptible people. Make a lot of saving, invest in your TFSA and the sooner you'll be leaving the better it is. Because a tragedy like the one of Guy Turcotte can happen to anyone. No one can go and say mental illness won't ever affect them directly or indirectly. And in Quebec, since the system is shit, individuals are not protect. Our rights are not being respected. And its why Quebec isn't a real part of Canada and it will never be consider for me being a Canadian land. Because Quebec doesn't what it is to be Canadian. Quebec doesn't know what it mean to protect the rights of individuals. The right to health care and the right to be treat equally in front of the law. When the base of a society is not being respected, how do you expect its people to do well? We are currently assisting to the destruction of Quebec society. Institutions are falling apart, law system is not clear and straight forward. In result, it gave situations that are being post in the everyday press. Two little children being kill? Well,its too bad, but in Quebec, the system does not heavily punish that.

In time like these, its time to be even prouder for New Brunswickers to be who we are and for Canadians, its time to push for our nation and our protection. As a nation, we need to protect our democracy and way of living. And its for those reasons that I am totally in favor of any kind of global surveillance programs. The government has the right to be oppressive in a certain way to protect our own interest. If you are a normal citizen, you should mind that the government check on your bank account, trading account. Listening to my calls, checking out on my Internet activities? GO AHEAD. We should allow stuff like that to be check. Its a case of protecting our liberty to spot the bad people from the good ones. If surveillance program can help in any ways to prevent murderer and any other bad actions to happen, as Canadians, we can only be happy and in favor of such spying activities. If you are not criminals, your daily activities being monitor shouldn't be a pain in the ass. Somebody out there is watching and its absolutely AWESOME.

The countries that are currently protecting the traitors Julian Paul Assange and Edward Snowden should be severely punish. And I hope the US will capture them and sentenced them to life sentence. Because giving away confidential information to the press, to ANYONE and everyone - including terrorists is an act of murderer.

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