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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) is trying to fool the Dividend Girl

Yesterday, I received a letter from the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) saying that yeah, I had paid off my student loan, BUT I could get a revision and I could need to pay more on the loan upon verification. Come on now! If the student loan is not even able to calculate up front what I own them, well you know what, they can eat whatever they want but they won't get a penny more from me. 

On an happier note, my non-registered portfolio closed today at $135 812.42 - which is good because yesterday, it closed at 132k.... Currently, Canfor Pulp Products Inc. (CFX) is doing great. I am only experiencing a lost of $28 on this one. The road had been rough and tough for CFX, a bit like NFI actually. And even like EIF. I am still having trouble with BDI - so oooo awful. I am in real down with FR. But some other stocks are making the 135k mark possible. Like PPL, CNR etc...

Jean Béliveau died today. I am not a hockey fan, but there was certainly a good aura around Jean Béliveau. When I was a little girl, I met him in my hometown in New Brunswick. He was going a celebrity tour with Zellers - signing free autographs - and I got my autograph of Jean Béliveau and I still remember it clearly today because it was very moving and Béliveau was charming and just happy to be there in my very small tiny New Brunswick town. Its quite unbelievable. There's no such fantastic star in the hockey today. The only Quebec star that I truly liked for reasons I don't really know has died.

In case you don't know this one, you can check on and I was told by a reader that margin was something like 2.5%. Could worth it to check it out.


Unknown said...

So did you pay them more? because im having the same case as you are. I paid off my student loan on the day i finished school and one year later.. here they came up with what they called reassessment and told me that i still owe them near $1000, come on!! this is ridiculous. I have always known that they are really stupid and bad at math but thats what makes them money eater. they give us excuses when they want to eat up our money. what reassessment? after paid it off, i called 2 weeks later to make sure i dont have anymore debt and they said im debt free...i was so happy that im free and no more debt. But seriously why now? why another thing came up :( so pissed off.

so my questions are, did u respond them? did u pay the rest that they told u to pay back? if you did not, what did you tell them or how to defeend yourself bcoz im not really good at arguing even tho i tried but they just ping-pong me.

please let me know
thanks in advance

Sunny said...

Hi Feby,

So far, I didn't received any revision letter, I don't own them more money.

Did you keep track of everything and kept all of the loan papers? If so, try to review them to figure out what's going on. They might have did a mistake on their side.

Myself, I had really a very small loan. If they get back to me, they are going to see what hell look like.


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