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Monday, June 1, 2015

Can dividend income help you take control of your money and life? In Redwood City, money means everything

It is now that I will be turning 35 in August that I realized that money never been a very fundamental part of my life. Yes, I am what you could considered a financial blogger, I do care about money, but not to point where I am searching for real richness or anything technically even near. My domain address is, and its not for no reason. All I ever wanted is a $50 000 net worth, after that, the money experience could take me to whatever.

Someone came by this blog saying that the "20s are typically the perfect time to start planning for retirement, but sometimes life gets in the way." You bet! LOL. Well, to that I can only reply, that the 20s were meant to be live, and not to care a minute about a financial future, but not to jump in excessive spending either. I studied until my late twenties, but I never came across a career path or something specific that I wanted to do. I am not a very career oriented girl, and I don't care about most stuff that society around us want us to care about: flashy big house, flashy big car, fancy clothes, expensive vacations and so on. 

In my twenties, what help me the most with what I have today is making very smart choices regarding my education. Most of young people finish university and other with huge student loan debt. It barely make any sens at all to start your live so heavily handicap by already owning so much when you barely had time to live. And young people get easily stuck in the pattern. They enroll into debt because its the way things are. But the choice is always there no matter what. I stop trying to understand a long time ago.

I don't think I could be in a better financial situation now, but I don't think a lot of people will agree on that for sure.


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OttawaGuy said...

Congrats on kicking the norm. Because of our country's housing lust you would be viewed as odd, since you forego a suburban cookie-cutter commute, mortgage and 2.5 kids.

Mean while, your networth is likely higher than those strapped with all that. I know mine usually is.

I learned the hard way about debt, unlike you I packed it in for school and car and later wised up. Now I'm riding strong and debt free.


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