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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Dividend Girl is about to turn into a Quebecker. What???!!! DAMN.

Even after now 3 years that I am back in Quebec, I still had my New Brunswick health card. I didn't want to get a Quebec one. My reason was that I don't need any cheap Quebec doctor to take care of me, I am never sick, I am not in need of any health care. I am invincible. We all know that of course. However, a few weeks ago, I decided it was time to get my Quebec health card, even it was only to cover my ass in case of an emergency, in case an accident arrive or something. Or in case I become pregnant. LOL. I tried to be intelligent, I place a call, said I arrived in Quebec in April (whatever!), got the form and than I went to a CLSC to depose the papers and it was about it.

Its the step I didn't want to make because it kind of make of me a Quebecker now and I am not too proud about that, but I needed to be practical so here am I. I definitely needed a Quebec health care because I am way too far away from my hometown now. Its just an administrative thing, its not because I will soon be holding a Quebec health card that I considered myself a Quebecker. A wild thing like me is way too smart to be define as a Quebecker.

I think the tragedy of my entire existence is not able to get what I want, not to do what I want and not to live where I really want. It a life I have no control on. My other lives must had been very bad because this one really suck so far.

Still bitching like always sexy, but I have to say, Montreal turn to be a magical place during summer time. I went to many free concert during the Francopholies and took many videos like this one that I will soon post, but it take forever to download. Ok, so enjoy this first one - but just prepare to change position at one point.

This was Radio Radio. They open the Francopholies of Montreal this year. We'll talk about money in another post sometime.


Unknown said...

I think I can get some intraday SGX signals or news related to markets and dividend, but its talking about some different thing.

The Dividend Guy said...

"A wild thing like me is way too smart to be define as a Quebecker." Yeah... for sure New Brunskwicker are known across the world to be the most brilliant individuals on heart...hahaha!
Funny enought, both the Dividend Girl and the Dividend Guy are Quebeckers. The difference is that I'm proud to be a Quebecker and a Canadian too. In fact, I think that speaking two languages makes me a smarter individual. I wouldn't have learned elsewhere in Canada ;-)
Don't be ashamed to be part of The Belle Province. It's not because we are stuck with a few clowns that Quebec is not a great place to be. And between you and me, each provinces/states/countries have their own clowns!

Bienvenue à Québec anyway ;-)


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