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Sunday, August 28, 2016

My first post... as a 36 years old!!!

Yesterday was my birthday! It was a beautiful day in Montreal. The sun was out, but it wasn't too hot. Just a perfect summer day like I love them.

I bough a blender - which I wanted for a really long time, but its too boring, you won't get a picture of that I promise. I got manicure (couldn't resist) and.... here come the most interesting part of all... I got a Swarovski necklace with the matching necklace! Swarovski has a line of affordable and good looking jewelry. I wanted to shine, but with small pieces of crystal. 

Why did I treat me that way? Well, money is made to be spend. And a 36 birthday is more significant than 35 and I will explain you why. 20 years (yes 20 years!!!!) past since I celebrate my 16 birthday. And 36 is the more crucial age of all as I only have 4 years left before my 40 birthday! Oh nooo! :-) Its unbelievable! I don't know if I should cry or laugh about it really.

As you know, I had been using Stockopedia for the couple past weeks. I made some good finding that bring on some hot good money. Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) is probably the best finding ever. I never heard of that stock before. I find it while browsing on Stockopedia. You'll see if you register to the Web site, there's a lot of browsing and reading that can be done on the site. And not only does it cover, the Canadian market, but they also provide access to the UK, European and US market. Its strange, but so far, I didn't find any investment pearl - at least one that interest me - on the US market. If it wouldn't be of my idea to invest in Warren Buffett, I doubt I would be holding any US investments right now. I console myself with my new Swarovski jewelries.

What I am looking for while browsing is pretty simple. Its the way I had been picking most of my stock for the past couple months - if not the last couple years. What I try to prefer:
-A stock that been on the stock market playground for a couple of years. 
-A stock that pay dividend, max 5% yield. I don't want of a stock that pay more than that at this time. I had experiences that in the past, if a dividend cut is announced and the yield is currently really juicy - it will affect the price of the stock on the market, which will probably go down.
-A stock that has high rocking chart, that doesn't show too much turbulence in term of value. 
-A stock that survive the stock market crash - its value now exceed the value it has before 2008. There's many companies that haven't been able to go back to their old before 2008 value. But I don't want of any of those stocks. Past results do not guaranteed good future ones, but its more likely that a good that have a good past will also have a good future.

Those simple criteria, dear friends, are not easy to find in a stock. The US stock market is being invade by traders and short seller investors - a damnation for the REAL investors in search of value. And personally, I think its one of the factor that make the US stock market more volatile and less stable than the Canadian market.

Now you understand, the Canadian stock market is the bomb! I can assure you, after browsing several hours, I made another interesting finding on Stockopedia, check it out: Transforce Inc. (TFI).

This year if the 40th anniversary of the Montreal World Film Festival. Since it my weekend birthday, I decided to buy a ticket for the showing of Carole Matthieu this evening. Isabelle Adjani is suppose to be attending. The festival had many problems this year. They usually show outdoor movies, but they don't any this year, which is sad because this had become a tradition. I search for Carole Matthieu on the schedule film online, but Isabelle Adjani movie doesn't come up. So I guess its been cancelled. However, there's another movie schedule for 19 h 40 - so I will be there. In other words, if you want to breathe the same air as the Dividend Girl, just be at the Imperial Cinema at 19 h 40 today. I will be there, Isabelle Adjani or not. Who care about Adjani anyway knowing I will be attending?


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Ernest said...

Really nice post Sunny. I enjoy your blog, and will frequently visit when I get the chance. I have recently purchased Transforce (TFII) along with Savaria (SIS) and Algonquin Power (AQN). I really like that you have diversified into a bunch of stocks and not into only a few. Something I will try and copy myself. Thanks for posting.

- Ernest


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