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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Searching for US investments on Stockopedia

Surprise! In this super hot weather that I just can't stand anymore, it look like the TSX really want to hit on the 15 000 points after all! My non-registered portfolio close at... $145 490.79 and my TFSA, $40 718.13. I won't be posting any portfolio update. However trust me, I keep looking and browsing and from all angles, my portfolios look very good! Imagine, I even have left close to 30k in margin money! When the markets are up, I am in heaven. Today hot weather is what ruining everything.

My investment in Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK.B) gain $25.53 - in US dollars please. Nothing much, but its still represent 2.21%. I am quite amaze by Keg Royalties Income Fund (The) (KEG.UN) which gain 12.27% - and I had been holding it only since June. SIS, BYD.UN are both doing very great. Richards Packaging Income Fund (RPI.UN) is about the only recent stock investment that is not going sky rocket high. I keep writing about this one, but Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) is also doing very great, up of 8.46% since July 14.

Now could be a good time to buy more US stocks. I know it must feel weird reading this, especially coming from a little girl who always said that she was going to get rich on Canadian stocks but hey, only fool don't change of idea right? And why is that? Canadian dollars gain a bit on US one. And, I had been secretly browsing US stocks for the past couple days, not as much as I would because I am dying in the heat, but yes, I had been browsing US stocks on Stockopedia!

So far, here're some quick observations:
US quality stocks pay very little in term of dividend. Its actually hard to find a quality US stock that pay at least 3% yield. Most of the stocks that pick my interest on first chart sight pay less than 3% in dividend yield - if not close to nothing!!! Absolutely terrible.
US market is SUPER rich of many many good, very expensive, quality stocks.
US quality stocks are very expensive.
I find many US companies being hard to understand what they are actually doing. Canadian market is more understandable. There's many US companies that are complex and out of reach.
Canadian stock market is very small compare to US one - very unfortunately.

As you know, Stockopedia offer a special ranking feature and the list of US stocks with a good ranking is quite very long!!!!!

I am not done with my search yet, but I will come back with a list of US stocks soon! I feel I currently have the best of what the Canadian stock market can offer me in my portfolio. That's why I begin to look down south.

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