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Thursday, July 6, 2017

And what about a bit of Crius Energy Trust (KWH.UN) for my portfolio?

Right now, I am such a sucker. My very beautiful non-registered portfolio closed down at $174 421.13. My TFSA at... $58 616.14, when it should clearly be at 60k. Its getting bloody and I am full of rage. I really hate it when the stock market play it dirty dance on me. But it doesn't keep me from wanting more, just like if I would be a xxx dominatrix who really enjoy it. I have right now the oh so perfect song for this perfect moment!

Remember Gargage? I used to really like this song. And its video. Back in the 90s, Shirley Manson was the grunge princess. And today, I am taking the lead by being a very dirty garbage dividend girl.

Right now, while listening to Garbage Push it song on and on and on, I am all eyes on Crius Energy Trust (KWH.UN) who's been announcing an increase of 2% of their dividend distribution. Stockopedia is currently of no help to tell me if this baby worth it or not. Is Crius Energy Trust (KWH.UN) a garbage investment? I truly don't know. But the $0.8043 annual dividend is of somewhat really appealing. And I cannot help myself. I cannot control the appeal of money. I am so extremely sorry.


frederic said...

I thought you didn't trust anything that gave more than 4% dividend yield (I have AX.UN - 8% - and the currently cheap REI.UN - 5.8% in my TFSA)

Anyway I don't know anything about Stockopedia, but in TD's WebBroker you can read the Thomsom Reuteur report and KWH.UN seems well-rated.

Anonymous said...

there is a less blurry/newly restored/uncesored version of that Garbage video here

Sunny said...

Thank you, that version is much better! Did you know that Shirley Manson will be celebrating her 51th birthday on August 26th - a day before my birthday - and she looks like a 30 years old or something. She's incredible. I hope to look as young when I will be 50.

I didn't invest in KWH.UN, it catch my eyes while I was browsing on the Internet. In time like this, when the market go down, big fat yield are really appealing, but I know I have to stay away.


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