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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Disastrous time for my non-registered portfolio

Jazz Festival in Montreal came to end. And this Saturday was really jam packed like I never saw it before. It was even hard just to stand there on my two feet and breath. I didn't know the artist but he's probably really popular.... Its sad that the Jazz Festival is already over because the best of Montreal summer is already gone with the wind and we are not getting a very nice summer when it come to the weather. So far, its been chitty just like the stock market. This being said, today was the perfect summer day in Montreal with wind blowing me up - but its just hard to have 2 days of good weather in a row. Its like our whole environment is very disturb. Anyhow, I prefer this kind of summer rather than too hot weather because I have problem standing the heat.

My poor non-registered portfolio closed Friday session at $174 164.14. Despite the fact that its down of a couple thousands, I see good things going on. One of my latest investment, CAE Inc., is up by 0.33% (not a lot, but its still a gain). I prefer not to talk about HCG, but its not going well for me on that investment. Another latest investment, WSP Global Inc. (WSP) is up of 4.08%, that's really good. And other older investments are doing well too. 

But for how long?

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard any news on Savaria? It was doing so well and now is dropping like a rock. I think this company will grow so much year over year and believe we will see another large divvy increase in September. Maybe it went up too far to fast?? Hate to see it fall off a cliff.

I bought my first ever ETF last week (ZUB) equal weight US Banks hedged to CAD. ETF's are starting to look interesting. I am learning that we have to diversify more and more out of Canada because Canadian stock market is way too dependent on commodity prices. Only problem is Canada has such great divvies.


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