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Monday, April 16, 2018

My non-registered portfolio closed today at its highest value ever: $191 569.57

A lot of things happen today to make that happen. Real soon, Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH): will exceed the 60k value inside my non-registered portfolio. My APH stocks had gone down since I bought them, but today Aphria Inc. (APH) gains 7.37% on the TSX. I am confident that APH will gain again in value. I loved this stock right from the start, but APH is not an easy stock to hold, its title is super volatile and it's not the type of stock that I usually like to hold. If only my Nutrien Ltd (NTR) could finally start to perform well just like my old Agrium shares, I would be in heaven. While having a TSX under the 15 600 points, I never taught that I could possibly exceed the 190k value anytime soon.

Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) is probably one of the best stock that I had found using Stockopedia. Only for that one single stock, I will be eternally grateful for the magical finding. I am a good stock picker after all. And it has nothing to do with how much you know or not about finance. For me, its all about in deep common sense and when a stock light me up like PBH did to me ages ago, and more recently PLC, well that's a watch out baby. I will sometimes fail, but I am rarely on the wrong track.

PLC closed today session on a trading halt. A trading halt is the strangest thing ever. While all the other stocks on the TSX trade actively, a trading halt on a stock make it impossible to sell or buy it on the market. Today, Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) made a great announcement. PLC is looking forward to acquiring The Signature Group and Citadel Management. Those two acquisitions will help PLC to expense in the US territory. Quite great news. I never expected to be involved in the funeral industry, but its a business, like any other. And Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) is no different than Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH). Both are super great stocks.

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