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Monday, April 23, 2018

Welcome in my TFSA portfolio Calian Group Ltd. (CGY)

Sad day in Toronto. I was at worked and they announced the terrible news. This may help to stop immigrants from coming massively to our country and stealing what doesn't belong to them. Alex Minassian - that is certainly not a Canadian family name - was Armenian. another fuck up Armenian just like the Kardashian family, but in much much worst. It's quite disgusting to see immigrants destroying our well being and I would like Canada to stop welcoming illegal immigrants. We shouldn't allow anyone to come illegally on our land, it's so disgusting all those immigrants, sucking at our energy and financial resources. I don't even have a family doctor and I had been on a waiting list for more than a year now. I try to find a nice apartment in Montreal - but so complicated and rents at reasonable prices are all so dirty. Don't tell we have resources here in Montreal to welcome immigrants - that's a lie. We cannot even meat the basic needs of our citizens and First nation people. We don't gain anything by welcoming people who are not true blood Canadians. We have to focus on them rather than focusing on us.

Immigration in Canada should be extremely selective. But it is not at this time and any morons can come here in the best place on earth, and destroy our well being. Terribly sad events, but we can only response with extreme severity. But Justin Trudeau is far too weak to address problems. Anyway, events like the one of today gave you a reason more to go to the gym so you can move your ass quickly if you have to. I miss my gym session this evening because I finish late at work. Personally, I am not afraid and if I have to die, I will die, but I don't believe yet that I can even die. I don't believe one second in my mortality. It will be a discovery that I will make at the end of my life and God will judge me and throw me the eternal flames as He wishes. Because I don't even believe in the power God. I believe in my own. And I am calmly waiting for the moment where He will prove me that I got everything wrong. Just show me, Lord. I am ready anything, anywhere.

Until that time where you won't ever heard of me, I had welcomed today in my TFSA portfolio Calian Group Ltd. (CGY). CGY is giving a nice push over my dividend income. Also today, the transferred of my National Bank of Canada (NA) and Northland Power Inc. (NPI) over my TFSA portfolio had been completed. I now have to transfer some cash from my banking account over my non-registered portfolio to calm down my margin. At an interest rate of 5%, TD Waterhouse is not making me any gift and I am not expecting anything great coming from those banker suckers.

On a happier note, today, I tried to do my legs with some wax trips and it quite didn't work out as well as it should. I might be immortal, but I am a bear, inside out.

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