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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A new investment for my TFSA: Agellan Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust (ACR.UN)

Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) continued to lose some value today, so I decided to sell partly my PBH investment. I made great capital gain on the sell. I always prefer to stick and hold to the investments I like the most, but things never go exactly the way it had been planned and better be ready to stick to no plan at all, and do what you need to do when difficulties arise. Not that you have to sell your PBH shares like I did, but it could be a good idea to partly sell PBH, especially if, like you, you are experiencing really good capital gain on the investment. If PBH goes down again tomorrow, I may sell some more shares tomorrow.

It's not fun to see a stock you like and that you had been holding to for a really long time going down, but when it happens, I prefer to go with my feelings and do what I think its right. I wasn't planning to sell any of my PBH shares today, but I decided to do so to save my money.  For the past year, PBH just keeps going down.

Today, the investors of Cineplex Inc. (CGX) had experiences the same situation I did yesterday on November 13 with PBH. Today, Cineplex Inc. (CGX) shares plunge 20%! I used to have CGX in my portfolio, but that was a long time ago. With Netflix, YouTube and CraveTV, its inevitable, the movie industry is taking a hit. I used to go to the movies once per week, but I no longer do that anymore. The world as we used to know it just keep changing and all of those changes have an effect on the investments we hold. Just like for PBH yesterday, CGX didn't meet the analyst's expectations, and in result, CGX went down on the TSX today. It's never fun to see a stock going down, even its a stock that I don't hold myself. But its how it is. And what will make you successful in the long run is the ease to make good decisions for yourself when difficulties arrived. If you are scared to lose money on a stock that is going down, the solution is easy: sell that damn investment before its too late!

As you may know, I have big margin debt, but with a big margin can comes big problems. I never had any problem with my margin, but at a point, as I am getting older and not younger - this babe will be turning 40 in 2 years!!! - I need to be more careful and it would be much better to begin paying off that big fat margin as I like to call it now, because I wouldn't like to retire and be holding to some debt, and I wouldn't like to work forever...

After the move of today, I estimate my net worth to be in the $201 000, which is not too bad, knowing the conditions we are in. After all, the TSX is still under the old 16 000 points. I will try to update my investment portfolio this upcoming weekend, just to get a better idea where I am actually standing.

I had a small amount in cash inside my TFSA account, which had been there like forever now because I am just getting all crash in by the TSX and your baby can easily get lost. But I am back on track, and I decided to make a small investment in Agellan Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust (ACR.UN). I find this one in one of my Stockopedia's favorite screen: neglected firms.

Excluding the PBH shares that I sold earlier today and including the new investment, I will make probably tomorrow in ACR.UN, my new dividend income with being of $8 372.17. It's, of course, a decrease of where I use to be, a difference of -$338.54, but I am saving $500 in interest on my big fat margin.

Following my investment in ACR.UN, I am looking forward to maybe invest in the following:

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Anonymous said...

Back in august, PBH represented 15% of your portfolio which was way too high. Even today it's still worth like 8%. This drop was avoidable by following a proper asset allocation. You would be farther ahead just investing in an etf without any individual stock worries. An etf like XWD is up 2.87% for the year while your down over 6% on your portfolio and 10% on your net worth because of your leverage. With an etf like XWD, you would hold the biggest and most profitable companies in the world and would still receive 2.5% distributions; so if you would invest your $300,000 in XWD, you would get $7,500 yearly dividend which isn't far from what you're receiving now but would be much better diversivied. You would be up $10,000 for the year instead of down $20,000.


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