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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Who's Quebec's most hated CEO of the moment? Alain Bellemare

Yes, Alain Bellemare is currently the most hated CEO of Canada. And is it a true surprise that the most hated happen to be a Quebecker? I experiment it every day while having to work in Montreal for my living, I just know too how much Quebeckers are the type of individuals that you cannot trust in any way. Those individuals are not respectful, and are really dumb when it comes to planning and money management. If you live in Quebec province and are an outsider, don't ever deal with a financial planner, don't trust anyone, double checks everything, be careful, and don't buy any properties, no condo, nothing. Its, like always, my really best advices.

Bombardier received several millions of our tax money and 14 million went in the pockets of Alain Bellemare. And currently, Alain Bellemare wants to cut jobs in order to maximize the revenue per employee.. Why don't you begin by your own salary and set an example? Personally, I never had any confidences in Quebeckers leadership skills, but the case of Bombardier and Alain Bellemare is quite special. My best advice: no matter how low Bombardier Inc. shares are currently trading, don't invest a single penny in Bombardier.

Those last couple days had been rough for all Bombardier employees, and I have a rough day of my own, as my top holder, the love of my life, Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) lost 16% of its value today. Markets are really hard, or should I say, investors. When a stock doesn't meet expectations, oh lala, watch outtttt!!!!!! This is what happens to PBH. Want to know how I reacted when I notice that my baby PBH was taking a hit? I double check it - oh my God what's going on? And I move on and I don't give a damn. And I also took 5k from my credit line and move it over my margin. I know for sure that TD brokers all have sex dreams about me, every little single of them are dreaming to make that margin call, don't you fuckers? I am awful, the situation is awful, but I am still on a +270% gains when it comes to Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH).

Remember that I built my portfolio starting the 2008 stock crash. I saw everything, and I know how the stock market can be a rough place for such a lady that I am. This is what the stock market is about. But at the end of the day, my PBH stocks are still paying a juicy dividend to its favorite investor - which is myself of course. So breath by the nose.

I love the stock market because its massacre me. But at the end of day, just remember all of my words and it's not a deep hit that will kill this awful little girl. So come on, HIT ME HARD baby. I will always be here and writing all down on the hardest days of my beautiful life on the TSX. I can take a lot of my shoulders and I am ready to face it all.

And have nice dream, TD Waterhouse brokers ;-)

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Anonymous said...

> Bombardier received several millions of our tax money and
> 14 million went in the pockets of Alain Bellemare.

Nope, fake news, although the local quebecers are more than happy to believe that. The CEO received 14M$ in options, but that costs exactly nothing to do. It's an accounting trick, it's a number added to the balance sheet of the company. The options are not purchased in the open market with money and given to the CEO. The whole point of paying him this way is to make him work for the stock value to go up, because the options will be losing money if it doesn't and he's going to be drown in taxes.

That's being of course reported by the local papers as a "salary of 14 million, which is of course a lie, because it's not. You don't receive a million dollar cheque every week. Options vest over time on a multi-year schedule, and only if you stay at the company for several years. You pay taxes when they vest on the benefit, and make money when you excerice them, if the stock price is higher than the strike price.

The part where quebecers are dumb is where they think they got nothing for the millions of dollars given to Bombardier, when in fact they got thousands of direct and indirect jobs and millions in taxes back. They should look instead in the millions of dollars given to the game industry, where they get really nothing back because they're paying most of the salary and the profit goes to other countries, so they get nothing back in taxes.


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