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Monday, January 14, 2019

I am back to my old 200k net worth!

Goodfood Market Corp. (FOOD) started the trading day on a positive note - the opening market at 9h30 is the perfect time to take a 15 minutes break from work to check out the market. Market openings are always important. I was hoping a bigger push coming from FOOD, but I guess, for now, its ok. I am still confident I may be able to register a capital gain on FOOD later on. It's just taking longer than anticipated. These days, better be patient and calm. Seem like the easy days are dead over for the TSX. Overall, I had an easy road despite the difficulties. I always got what I wanted. But this time, for the 300k net worth, I really will have to work harder this time. It a long long road just to reach out that net work. But the good news is: only $99 000 left to go! Goooooooooo!

Another good day for the TSX, we didn't gain many points, but at 14 975.53, we are certainly getting closer to the 15 000 points. It's also a long and painful road just to get all the way up there. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at $123 360.11, my TFSA portfolio at $58 491.17, and my RRSP portfolio at $38 852.36. Currently, I estimate my net worth to be in the $201 000. Its certainly getting better. Back on January 4th, I felt a bit pitty with my $191 009.83 net worth. It was a shock to see it being under the 200k. Donald Trump killed my dream of a 300k net worth in 2018, but now, he's burning up all of his government people. Trump is so rough and has no heart at all for his own people. I am pretty sure that many of them are dealing with financial difficulties right now, and it might be hard, especially for those who have children to take care of.

Lately, I had been writing more about saving than investing, but saving is quite important knowing I am trying to pay down my margin account usage and that I am trying to stop investing using my margin account. In order to stop investing using my margin money debt, its quite simple, I just need to add up to the saving. It's a deprivation that is serving me well.

Also today, the American Newmont Mining announced a $10 billion takeover of Goldcorp Inc. I have to say, I was tempted to jump in some Goldcorp Inc. (G) shares, but I didn't. I now listen to BNN Bloomberg, and I once heard someone saying something that makes a lot of sense to me: it's better to buy some ETF involved in gold rather than a company that is involved in gold. And this makes a lot of sense because the gold market is volatile and it's quite rough for the businesses out there who are involved in the gold sector. Have a look at Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX) chart to understand what I mean. ABX used to trade in the $5+ per share and currently, ABX is having big problems big time just to reach in the $20 per share. And ABX is not alone in this position, other great Canadian mining companies are having the same shock in their value and this is true for both silver and gold mining sectors.

That's why Goldcorp Inc. (G) is a big no-no for me. For me, its a no silver, no gold, no gas, and no tech. I, however, like the technology sector, but only in term of services. I am not a fan of social media junk, so no Facebook or Twitter shit stocks for me. But yes to tech services like CGY and CGI because those services are essential. And of course, I have both of those businesses in my portfolio because I am absolutely fabulous. Now, I only need the TSX to go back to its old 16 000 points. Its all I need to hit on the 300k net worth.

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