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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Nutrien Ltd. (NTR) is just a stock, not a top winner pick stock

The TSX finally did something I had been waiting for a long time now. Its been a tough road, but those newest 15 046.28 points are certainly making me happy. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at a great $124 251.45, my TFSA portfolio at $58 879, and my RRSP portfolio at $39 227.30. I now estimate my net worth to be in the $203 000. Its official, I am now back in the game so just watch me! :-) It's quite a long road for recovery, but now at least I am only missing $97 000 to hit on the magic $300 000 net worth... 97k is a good amount, but if the TSX plays in my favor like it should, I have my chances to hit on the 300k, maybe in 2 years. Let's just hope for that.

Yesterday, I wrote a little about not being a fan of the tech sectors, but I am a fan of tech services, which is two different sectors in a way. CGI Group Inc. Class A Subordinate Voting Shares (GIB.A), that I hold in my RRSP portfolio, is certainly a top player, but unfortunately, CGI Group, despite being a top notch quality stock the way I love them, but doesn't pay any distribution at all. It's like holding on to some JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN) units, but in better because CGI is actually a stock that performs and deliver capital gain to its investor. JFS.UN is just another stock on the TSX that exists for investors who still belive in Jean-François Tardif, but shouldn't. Other than CGI, if you want something valuable playing in the tech sector, check out Calian Group Ltd. (CGY). I hold CGY in my TFSA portfolio. Susan Brunner recently posts a positive review of this awesome jewel. You need to be smart and use all of your good judgement. At first, social media stocks may seem appealing, but when you deep in, you get to understand what its bullshit, and Facebook is the perfect example of a really poor manage company that you shouldn't get any appeal to. Data users are being sell and no protected. Facebook publish fake news all year round and have no real intention to take care of business properly. But you shouldn't expect any better coming from Americans. In the other hand, companies that offer tech services like CGY and CGI, those are the real good companies in the tech sector to invest in.

Ofen, in case of mergers, the company that is being buy by another one usually register gain, commonly, becaus ethe other party too oftern offer more per shera than its current trading price. It happen really often, but in the case of Goldcorp Inc. (G), both G and Newmont Mining Corporation (NEM) had registered some loses following the big announcement. I was really tempt at first to acquire some G stocks, but because of the sector, I decided not too, and I am just really happy I didn't!! But anyway I wouldn't. The temptation last only for a few seconds. I am not a fan of the gold sector. Its better to explore the possibilities in other sectors.

Today, Ryan Bushell, president of Newhaven Asset Management was in the show Market Call of BNN Bloomberg. He has made good comments regarding Fortis Inc. (FTS), saying its a good stock for the long term, andthat FTS has increased its dividend over year and we are looking forward for more juicy dividend in the future. I agree with Ruan Bushell on Fortis Inc. (FTS). I had been holding to FTS since my early beginnings. Over the years, FTS had become a solid rock in my non-registered portfolio. Fortis is that kind of super easy stock to hold on to, with a solid chart that can only turn you on. Ryan Bushell, president of Newhaven Asset Management also covers my super precious Pembina Pipeline Corporation (PPL), another great stock of mine that he only could had good words for.

One of Ryan Bushell top pick stock is... Nutrien Ltd. (NTR). Really???!!!! Come on!

Personally, I had invested in Agrium years ago, but ever since Agrium merger with Potash had turn to become Nutrien Ltd. (NTR), I never EVER registered super great capital gainon NTR. With Agrium, everything was super easy smooth, I was on super great capital gains. But with NTR, I get nothing of that. And for that reason, I really dislike NTR. Nutrien Ltd. (NTR) is a little stock that like to play with my nerves. I really dislike NTR, BUT, I keep the few shares I have inside my TFSA portfolio for the simple and good reason that NTR establish a good diversity - in the potash sector - inside my portfolio. And other than that, Nutrien Ltd. (NTR) is not bringing anything good for me.

Knowing all that, why Ryan Bushell is a top stock pick of Ryan Bushell??!!!

Of, wait, you haven't heard the worst coming from Ryan Bushell: another top pick of his is Manulife Financial Corporation (MFC). But MFC overall chart is totally distusgting. And insurance stocks are pretty bad investment, you cannot have worst than MFC for your money.

At a point, I am having a blast with BNN Bloomberg. I just don't understand how Manulife Financial Corporation (MFC) can possibly be consider a to pick. Better stick to my blog for investment ideas, I much better than any of those so call managers. I am better than anyone.

Thisis basically what a 15 000 points have as effects on me. It's all it take.

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John Guy said...

Hi, Sunny,

By look at your portfolio
Your TFSA account portfolio at $58,879
I am not sure if you have made maximum contribution to this account.
I believe you should.
The maximum contribution is $57,500 up to 2018
It seem the return of your TFSA is not that good, isnt it.

Keeping up for 2019.



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